New research on the use of promotional products

The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) has revealed the results from a new study where senior marketers across the UK have been asked about their usage of promotional merchandise and purchasing. Given the current climate you may be very surprised by the results!

The most significant finding is that spend on promotional merchandise in 2012 is increasing or remaining stable in comparison to 2011. 49% of respondents stated that they had increased spend on promotional products since the last financial year and in addition 30% had maintained their budget.

When asked about the frequesncy of purchasing 33% stated they made a purchase every month, plus 33% buying every three months and 13% purchase it twice a year. The reasons for purchasing promotional products varied with 69% stating it “targets customers effectively”, 52% said because the “brand message lasts longer” and 46% because of its “ability to create loyalty”.

It was quite clear from the research that merchandise is still popular for conferences and events, product launches, re-branding and brand awareness as it is “highly effective for getting attention and driving sales”. Practical products still work well and the marketers also chose products that had worked well in the past. The trusted pen was at the top with notepads and eco bags also playing a part.

As Christmas is just around the corner it was interesting to read that just under a half of the respondents said they sent promotional items at Christmas.

It is great news for our industry to see these results and that promotional products are still playing a massive role in company’s sales and marketing campaigns.

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