The Notebook Made From Apples

When discussing notebooks, it takes something really special to impress the Premier team. From luxurious Moleskine designs to Pantone matched covers, we obsess about every minute detail of a customised notebook on behalf of our customers. But even we were surprised when we were introduced to the first notebook made from apples!

Notebooks made from apples

Using a pioneering technique for manufacture, the environmentally-friendly Appeel notebook is made from the parts of apples that are often overlooked and discarded. The notebook’s ecological and sustainable pages and eco-leather cover are actually from made from apple peel and selected vegetable fibres.

That’s not to say these notebooks don’t match up to their more traditional counterparts when it comes to features and finishing touches. Made in Italy, the Appeel notebooks boast a variety of extra details such as real stitching, expandable back pockets and elasticated enclosure bands.

A totally different kind of Apple Notebook

“The Appeel notebook is inspired by nature and the changing scenery of the Italian landscape,” say the notebook’s Italian makers. “Appeel is an innovative process that stays true to its Italian roots. A notebook dedicated to those who appreciate naturally sourced products combined with Italian design flair.”

The creators of the Appeel notebook obviously had fun naming the product. There is even a tongue-in-cheek choice of Golden Delicious (gold) or Granny Smith (green) among the notebook’s range of six colours.

“From the first blossom capturing the warming sun to the autumnal colours of the harvest, Appeel is all of this,” they reveal. “Each creation combines texture and personality that transports you to an Italian orchard. The warm colours of our most loved apples are the notebook’s colour palette.”

Why not treat yourself to a personalised Appeel notebook and get some well deserved Applause at your next business meeting! Please email or call us on 01376 574670 today for a free quote.

Appeel logo with apples

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