Onboarding Essentials

Employing new staff can be just as daunting for the employer as it can for the successful candidate. There might be initial reservations about if they will fit in with the team and how they will do in the job role. But we have to put all of that aside and focus on welcoming them into the fold. We don’t like to boast here at Premier (much!) but we feel we have really got it nailed when it comes to expanding our #PremierFamily. 

Take a look at these top tips for helping your fresh new faces feel instantly at home as well as ensuring they get the most out of their first week!

Make sure you introduce them to all departments, not just the ones they will be working with directly. This will ensure they feel more comfortable at work social events and general chit chat in the office or at lunch time. Plus you never know when they might need them in the future.

We have certainly found that a few sarnies and an informal mingle with the rest of the company can make new starters nerves dissolve in a flash. We can vouch for a meal out, with the whole team, working wonders!  They can be great for helping form work friendships whilst demonstrating just how much fun we do have as a company.

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First days can be overwhelming meaning that not all of the information sinks in. So a building tour might be one to do on the second or third day. Meaning that when your new starter needs to pop to the store cupboard for a top up of paper… they might have more of a chance of remembering where it is! 

Now, we feel this is a vital point to make. We have all experienced those nervous newcomers that avoid making a hot drink until they absolutely have to. Obliterate that issue by showing them on the very first day. In fact we feel that making the team a cuppa in the early days is a good way to get them out of their seats and interacting.

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The mountain of paperwork that can sometimes pile up on the first day from HR can get a bit messy. Providing a folder filled with all the bits they need to scribe their way through, not only looks more professional but it also gives them a keepsake to store any future correspondence.

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Knowing early on what niggles the boss is a key piece of knowledge to have! It ensures a smooth start for the newcomer as well as easing their worries about what might get them in the bad books of the Boss. 

Having a few key items that they will likely need throughout their employment, waiting on their desks or in their lockers for their first day is priceless. Everyone loves a gift and it shows that they aren’t just another bee in the hive, but a valued new asset to the company.

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If you would like some help & advice on how to get the best onboarding experience for your newcomers, just give us a call! We have the expertise and advice on hand, tailored to your industry & brands needs.

Check out a few essentials that we have found work well to get you started...



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