Our Sticky Note Range Is Growing!

We all love our sticky notes don’t we? All over our desk, paperwork and at home. Sticky notes are evolving and they’re getting pretty funky!

Firstly, take a look at our Scented Sticky Notes. Yes really! 50 sheets of Lavender or Strawberry perfumed paper, these really add a little something different to your giveaways.

The new Magnetic Sticky Notes are the ideal reminder notes. A7 size with 25 sheets of white paper with a magnetic backing sheet this means your branding could be on your customers fridge…..and we all know how often we visit the fridge!! You can’t beat those little constant reminders to your customers to ensure they keep coming back.

The Paper Matchbook Style Flag Holder are those little sticky note tabs. Give away something super handy to your customers to save them from having to rip up large sticky notes to page mark their documents.

Now, we’re saving the best until last – let us introduce to you the Slinky Notes. Made by Slinky themselves, these are just as much fun as the classic Slinky! These offer great branding with full colour printing to the front and up to 4 standard spot colours on the reverse. Fun item, look great and all the while are promoting your brand. Available in five standard shapes but they can be cut to your bespoke shape for an additional cost. Call us for a quote.

So next time you’re thinking about ordering sticky notes take a look at some of the other choices. We’re always here to talk through the options.

Give us a call today to talk to one of our expert sales team and find out more!

01376 318666 | sales@premierpandp.com | premierpandp.com

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