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The new, sustainable, way to buy promotional merchandise.


Removing individual and single

use packing will reduce the amount of waste generated.

Substituting plastic packing for more recyclable materials like paper and cardboard reduces the environmental impact.


Select a product that requires very minimal packing – such as a travel mug rather than a ceramic mug that needs substantial protection in transit. Allowing time for shipping by sea rather than air dramatically reduces carbon footprint.

Products whose packaging can be reused or repurposed means no single use and little or no waste. For example tech supplied in a pencil case style pouch.


Choosing couriers that have made environmental pledges and set targets for sustainability and use eco- routes rather than using dedicated vehicles reduces the carbon emissions.

Packing & Deliver

Packing is a necessity for protection, security and transport.

Consider individual packing, inner boxes, export cartons, pallet, pallet wrap, shipping containers and warehousing.

Some plastic packaging is now subject to a plastic tax too.

The new, sustainable, way to buy promotional merchandise.



Eco packing can be less attractive

and difficult to brand.

Eco packing can still be single use.

Packing in bulk (reducing inners and bagging) can increase

handling costs.