When you are anywhere in this day and age, be it on a train or walking down the street if you look up, all you will see are people with their head buried into their smart phone or tablet. This could even be you right now, don’t worry we are all guilty of it.

We have become so dependent on a piece of technology that if it runs out of battery we lose our ability to keep up to date, we have no emails, no social media and what if that all important call comes in?

We have all been there, you go to bed at night and put your phone on charge then wake up the next morning, only to realise you didn’t turn the plug on and there is no time to charge it!

I have one word PowerBanks.

PowerBanks erase all of the problems that come with a smart phone with a short battery life. They are small devices you can charge up via USB cable and then pop into your bag then when needed pop it out and charge your phone on the go.

You can get many different types of PowerBanks, there are smaller sizes for a small device or bigger sizes that fit a iPhone 6 or a tablet.

The Squid Power Bank latches onto your device so you can use it as a stand as well as a charging device.

Branding the PowerBanks with your company logo or specific message and sending them out to your customers, makes them a useful gift and a powerful promotional tool.

Give us a call today to talk to one of our expert sales team and find out more!

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