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Another month, another set of Premier Family bios for you to enjoy, this time it’s our office “Lifers”. Happy reading!

Danielle Houlder AKA La Rue, Sales Manager

I started working at Premier in November 2012. I started as an admin for Trev, moved to being Jamie’s admin, Then had a go at being a PA… I was terrible at it! Had a go at being a Sales Executive, was terrible at it. Went on to becoming the ‘Head Admin’ instead and that role has now evolved to my current position as Sales Manager. I do have a nickname in the office, it’s “La Rue”… Ryan sent me a picture of a drag queen called Danny La Rue in my first month and it’s stuck ever since; it can sometimes be La Poo when I’ve done something wrong!

Most of my favourite moments while working at Premier have come from the random things that are said daily. I do have a good chuckle at my desk quite often.

If I could be anywhere other than work, it’d be away in the mountains, hiking and staying in a log cabin with my Fiancé. No phones! My sense of adventure is probably why when I look back I really wanted to be an archaeologist. I dreamed of going to Egypt and digging up some dead Kings and Queens.

I’d like to say I have skills, but I’m pretty mundane to be honest. I mean, I do have some personal qualities i’d use to describe myself; I’m honest (perhaps too much sometimes). Loyal, I would do anything for my friends and family. Finally, funny, not going to lie, I make myself laugh quite often… no-one tends to laugh with me though…Awkward… My friends however (I asked Lottie for these ones) seem to think I’m reliable, loyal and supportive! So maybe not 100% mundane?

I do however have a couple of pet peeves, such as fake people & loud chewing.

A typical weekend for me is breakfast, gym, house chores and gardening in the summer or reading/ Netflix marathon in the winter.

I don’t tend to contribute money monthly towards charities. I do however donate when people I know are doing work for charity. I also do regular charity drops, so things like: clothing, games etc.

One thing I want to do before I die is have some babies, coincidentally the thing I am happiest doing while I’m not at work is practising making babies…JOKING…mostly it’s just chilling with my fiancé. Speaking of my fiancé, he is the one person I admire most in this world. He set up his own company to make sure he can work on something he is passionate about. He works every day to get his name out there and it’s paying off for him. I’M SO PROUD!

Here’s to the future!


Richard Fuller AKA Rich, Sales Executive

It’s coming up to 8 years since I first started at Premier. I had originally held a position in Delivery, but have since taken on the role as Sales Executive. Pretty much everyone in the office calls me Rich, which is pretty uninspiring considering it’s just a shortened version of the classic that is, Richard.

8 years in the office has certainly brought me some amazing moments. One of those being when I won Dream Draw and purchased my very own vespa – which is not always ideal with the unpredictable nature of British weather – it’s one of the few loves of my life.

If I could be anywhere other than the office, I’d like to say at home. Although, if I’m being inventive, it would have to be Chicago, America. Looking back I’ve always liked American sporting culture as well. I had originally wanted to play for the San Francisco 49ers, I still am a big NFL fan – plus I’d love to watch the Super Bowl (live) before I die. America would be amazing, but for now I’m grateful to be able to spend time with my wife and little boy.

I think my colleagues see me as quite laid back, but I’m actually a roller coaster of emotions. I don’t really tend to let things annoy me or let people throw me off what I’m doing. I guess I could somewhat agree where everyone is coming from with the ‘chilled out’ vibe. Despite not shouting about being very interesting, most won’t know that when I was 20, my band signed a record deal, and split up two weeks later – so that was pretty fun!

I’m a massive fan of music, so, Benjamin Gibbard is probably the person I admire most. He is responsible for my 3 favourite records of all time. These were: All time Quarterback, Transatlanticism and Give Up.

“Be excellent to each other” – An Abraham Lincoln quote from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Trevor Howard AKA Trev, Senior Account Manager

I’ve been working at Premier Print & Promotions for 14 years – to be more specific, since August 2005. I am currently the Senior Account manager, however when I first joined the team, I took the position of Delivery Coordinator. I’m pretty much called ‘Trev’ by everyone in the office, there’s a few nicknames that stem from inside jokes, but these won’t be mentioned!

It’s been a really exciting last 14 years, there are obviously many highlights during my time here. My favourite moment has to got to be when one of the projects I worked on was featured in the BPMA Campaign of the Year 2013.

If I could be anywhere other than work, it would be travelling around Australia with my Wife and Daughter. I love Australia, I actually went there for my honeymoon and would be on the next flight out if I could. I guess we could say that the things I’m happiest doing while not at work, are spending quality time with my wife and daughter – Australia would just be an amazing place to do it.

Looking back on my career, I’m pretty sure that at one point I wanted to be a palaeontologist. I mean who didn’t want to study dinosaurs and dig up fossils? Nowadays I just hope to be able to put myself in a position where my wife does not need to work, and is able to spend more time with our daughter.

I would describe myself as determined, loyal and considerate. I admire others, especially my wife because she has to put up with me, and admittedly I’m not sure how she does it sometimes! I do also have a small pet peeve, I don’t like unnecessary lateness, it stresses me out. So, what would my peers actually say about me? Well, I reckon they’d think I was committed, a bit stubborn, kind and honest. As long as I’m going in the right direction I’m happy!

One interesting little fact about me is that I have run the London Marathon twice. In 2013 I run it in 3:48:52 which is my personal best! It had also allowed me to tick off one of the many things I have on my bucket list. Swimming with sharks is the big one, it’s something I really want to do before I die – perhaps a few more years down the line though…

I support a couple of small charitable organisations but the main one has to be Cancer Research UK. How could you not? I think the funding and work going in will end up benefiting so many people in the world, it’s a truly incredible cause.

My motto? “Pain? It’s mostly psychological.”

Ryan Askew, Sales and Marketing Director

I started on NOV 14th 2003! It has been 15 long years. I’m currently a Director. That basically means I do all the stuff everyone else doesn’t want to do. My days are split between marketing, operations, strategy and lots of spreadsheets. I started as the Transport Co-ordinator. I had to chase suppliers and couriers to make sure things happened on time. Everything was run by a desk diary and a couple of highlighter pens. I had to handwrite every delivery note! I’ve done a bit of everything between then and now; a Jack of all trades so to speak. I’ve probably picked up a few nicknames along the way, I reckon it’d be something abusive behind my back. I’m generally known as “grumpy” or something similar!

Favourite moment at Premier? Too many to remember. Bagging the most profitable order in the company’s history was a bit of a highlight. But silly things like unloading an entire 18-wheeler by hand when it unexpectedly arrived from Turkey gave us some good laughs.

I never really knew what I wanted to do when I was younger. I always knew I’d be successful – but I never really had any direction. I kind of stumbled in to this job and it turned out pretty well!

A typical working day for me now is pretty standard. My day starts with a workout, either at home or in the gym. Then work. I love the variety in my job. I still enjoy every day. Breakfast and lunch normally occurs at my desk. In the evenings I like to spend time with my boy (6) then once he’s in bed I’m the cook… I love cooking – and eating! Evenings tend to include a combination of TV and Youtube then a reasonably early night. I’m terrible when I’m tired!

If I could choose to be anywhere other than work, it’d be on holiday with my family. Hands down. Just somewhere chilled where we can have fun and relax. Following this, I’m happiest eating out, working out or DIYing. It depends on my mood really.

I’m DIY mad. I can turn my hand to just about anything. I have a workshop at home full of dangerously fun power tools. I’m even building my own house… I can also ride a unicycle and breathe fire too!

I can’t stand fake people and people that don’t follow through with promises. I don’t suffer fools either.

One thing I want to do before I die is retire early! I want to have time to do the things I enjoy with the people I love before I’m too old.

My personal motto? “If a job’s worth doing it’s worth doing properly.” I think that stands for my work and home life. If anyone sees the result of my labour I want them to be impressed.

Jamie Marshall, Managing Director

I founded Premier 29 years ago, I was a wee 19 year old working from a tiny office above my Dads shop. I’ve always been the boss, but I’ve done every job in the company. Mostly I’m referred to as “Boss” and sometimes even “Thumbhead” but there has been many occasions where any swear word you can think of has been used.

Nearly 30 years of Premier is bound to bring me a lot of fantastic memories. Watching staff progress has always been the main one, so many people have come through the ranks, it’s too many to mention them all! Other moments like the opening of Premier House and the first time we hit a one million pound turnover are all great highlights since starting the company. Let’s also not forget when we pelted Trev with snowballs! It’s always been so much fun.

I can’t flashback to before I grew up, because I never grew up! However, if I do look back, I did want to be a policeman, then realised all the rubbish they put up with and thought better of it. I’d quite like to be a criminal as well, just to even things out a bit. When I look at where I am now, I really would like to see Premier continue to grow, and it to continue long after my retirement.

If I could be anywhere other than work, it would be Hugh Hefner’s house! I’d love that to be true, but for now I’m happy to stick to my current daily routines. In the week it’s a 6:15 start, then a 4 mile walk with the dogs and then the mayhem of work! I don’t tend to eat until one and I have a bath every night! I always listen to football or cricket in the bath and can stay in there for well over an hour. At the weekends, I love a sleep in, we always eat out and spend time with the kids, which is one of my favourite things. I also love wine and any sport.

Sadly, when I’m not at work, I am happiest spending time with my wife and kids, they make me smile, Michelle is the funniest person I’ve ever met, even the kids are funny too; we share a lot of banter in my family!

I’d describe myself as funny, loyal and caring, this is quite the contrast to what others think of me, I reckon they’d say i’m loud, irritating and full of banter! The best of both worlds if you ask me. I do have some pretty special skills, one of them being the ability to run like Forrest Gump!

I do have a couple of small pet peeves; people that have no humour and general rudeness. You should treat everyone with respect and decency, no one is below you in the world, we are all the same. To be honest, if there is one thing I want to do before I die it is to make a difference, not just to those around me, but to everyone I can.

Wanting to make a difference has also inspired me to want to support loads of different charities. I really dislike homelessness and am always willing to contribute to local organizations that aim to help rough sleepers. One charity i’d love to do more work with is Wipe Away Those Tears, who aim to help young children with life threatening illnesses – it’s a seriously fantastic cause.

First and foremost I admire my Dad, he’s so bloody clever! Saying that, Bobby Robson is the person I admire the most, top manager but also a gentleman with a great heart, if I could be remembered like that I would be absolutely delighted.

If I could have a motto or saying it would be: “I love sarcasm it’s like punching people in the face with words.”

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