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Another month, another set of Premier Family bios for you to enjoy, this time it’s one of our sales teams “Team Nadmin”. Happy reading!

Nikki Brooks AKA Brooko, Sales Executive
I started working at Premier in October 2013, so I’ve been here a good 6 years now! Like most of the Sales Executives, I started as an admin and then worked hard to get the role I have now…Most of my colleagues call me Brooko, sometimes Brooksi, I can think of worse, so I’m not complaining!

I think my favourite moment at Premier has to be the BBQ we had a couple of years ago where Ryan, pretty much, set fire to the pallets, and someone ate all of Dani’s gluten free rolls! That was quite funny, she was fuming! Plus there was the game of rounders we had in the office on Christmas, and I’m pretty sure I ended up hitting myself in the face!

If I could go back 10 years, I’m pretty sure I wanted to be an actress. I think we all wanted to have our name up in flashing lights at one point. For now, I’m looking forward to continuing to work hard and developing myself at Premier! Saying that, I’m pretty sure If I had become an actress I could have moved to a big house in Cornwall, which is my favourite place to be, honestly, if I could be anywhere other than work, it would be Cornwall, no questions asked. But I guess that’s not a surprise to everyone!

As much as Cornwall is always the ultimate goal; when I’m not at work I am the happiest reading or being with animals – I love animals I do! I reckon I’m going to be a crazy animal lady when I’m old! I’m trying my best now though to calm down at the weekends and unwind- it’s not working very well!

How would I describe myself? I think I’m driven, honest and fair. I asked Loz, Chaz and Em-J to give me their thoughts on me; Loz thinks I’m wise, strong and honest, Chaz reckons I’m loyal and then Em-J, who I’m sure was being sarcastic said I’m sympathetic, huggy and PG-Rated. As much as Loz made me out to be some kind of superhero, if I had a pet peeve it would be her haha!

I think the person I admire most has to be my dad, Bob. He is literally the most hard-working man ever! After all, he’s had to deal with, he’s STILL getting on with things. He’s my step-dad but I don’t see him as one, he was there from day dot and he is nothing other than a real dad, he even embarrasses me in public whenever he gets the chance!

Here’s to the next 6 years!

Charlie Fruin AKA Chaz, Sales Administrator
I’ve been at Premier over a year now, I started January 2018! I am currently a Sales Administrator in Team NAdmin and it’s always a great laugh… In the office I’m referred to as Chaz or Charles, more or less depends on who you’re asking and what they actually want from me!

My favourite moment since working here has got to be the summer rounders! We all had such a laugh and I literally went on holiday straight after. Who’s favourite moment isn’t going on holiday? If I could be anywhere other than here, I would love to go to Mexico, sat by the pool with a cocktail or two!

So, an average day for me… My day begins at 8:45. Tea first, then work! I chase any outstanding enquiries from the previous day, process quotes and orders as they come through and answer any client emails/telephone calls. I liaise a lot with Nikki and Loz (the rest of Team Nadmin) to see what’s going on in the team, see if anything that needs chasing up or if they need a hand with anything!

When not at work I am happiest spending time with my boyfriend and family. Our family is soon to grow even more as I have 2 nephews due in the next 2 weeks (they might even be here by the time you read this!)

Growing up I always wanted to work in a shop, when I was little my mum even bought me an actual working till and she’d have to buy eggs from me every morning before breakfast haha!

In future, I hope to still be a part of the best sales team at Premier of course! Team Nadmin, my home for 15 months now, striving to be the best that we can in our jobs and giving the utmost excellent customer service to our clients!

I’d say I’m efficient, hardworking and funny! I’ve asked my colleagues and the most popular words were: hilarious and untidy (I need to hinch my desk ASAP!!!). I would say I have a few unique skills and talents. I can clap in a weird way using my mouth and hands – It’s very loud! I can also whistle in a way that sounds like a pigeon’s coo… Despite all this, I do have one small pet peeve: Laziness. There’s no need to be lazy!

One thing I want to do before I die is to get married! I don’t want to die a Spinster!!!

So… I donate monthly to the RNLI… However, Cancer Research UK has a very special place in my heart and back in 2015, I participated in the Shine Walk, which is essentially a walking London Marathon done throughout the night! One of the most amazing things to do for such an amazing cause.

I admire my Mum a lot. She has always done a lot for my family and I. I’d feel very proud to grow to be even just a fraction of the person she is today.

‘I have an urgent order’ – said by me daily to EmJ in production. (Go check her bio out in a previous blog post – Team Production are a big cog in the Premier machine and hold us all together!)

Lauren Abrey AKA Abrey, Sales Administrator

It’s fast approaching 2 years since I started back in August of 2017. I will say, it was the best decision to leave my old job. I am currently a Sales Administrator but started as a Junior Sales Admin. I have adopted the really boring nickname of “Abrey”, it’s my surname so not exactly inspiring – but it’s stuck and I’m fine with that!

Since joining there have always been great moments, but in my first year during the 2017 Christmas Party, I was laughing till my cheeks hurt… I also may have drunk one too many wines. It’s been an awesome (almost) two years.

However, if I could be anywhere other than work it’d be somewhere hot, with a good buffet and cocktails would be fantastic. For now, I’ll stick to my happy place, which is the GYM – It keeps me level headed and sane.

I follow the same routine pretty much every day! Get up, Shower, Eat, Work, Gym, Eat, Sleep? REPEAT!

Looking back… I never wanted to grow up – being a kid was way more fun than being an adult and having to do my own washing just isn’t that fun. Picking moss out the curbs was my favourite pastime – no responsibilities and no BILLS!! If I were to tell you about my hopes and dreams for the future, we’d be here all week, so, for now, I’m happy with the direction I’m already going.

I would describe myself as absolutely fabulous darling…HA! For real, I’d say I’m funny, nosey and strong!

I admire anybody who has a kind heart, a friendly smile and isn’t afraid to tell somebody they’re not okay. The world can be a scary place – we need more kindness and honesty in the world!!

Here’s to getting to 2 years of working at Premier! Woo!

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