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Another month, another set of Premier Family bios for you to enjoy, this time it’s our very own comedy trio “The Gigglers”. Happy reading!

Kat Root, Sales Executive
I started March 19th 2018, so I’ve been here just over a year, although it feels like forever! I am currently a Sales Executive, which is my 3rd job role, haha! I started as assistant sales manager, then head of new business. I don’t really have a nickname, Ryan calls me “Rooty” sometimes, but that’s about it. My favourite moment? There’s too many amazing ones to choose from! The socials are always great fun and I have had many laugh-until-you-cry moments here.

Looking forward, I’ve wanted to be a midwife for a few years now, but I don’t see it happening so would like to stay here at Premier and continue to build relationships both with my colleagues and customers

My weekdays are pretty boring – Get up, get ready for work & get my little boy ready for school. Drop him off at breakfast club, come to work, and have a cuppa made by Mart usually! I work in a team with Maddy so we go through what we have to do for the day and just get stuff done basically. I try to go home at lunchtime and work out but that’s not happened recently… In the evenings I pick up my little boy, get him bathed and ready for bed, read a book and put him to bed. I have dinner, watch TV and off to bed myself! The weekends are a little bit more exciting, out and about with my little boy to the park, woods, soft play, go out for food! If I don’t have Jack, you can usually find me on the sofa with a box set or up the pub.

If I flashback 10 years, I wanted to be a lawyer or psychologist. I was just too lazy to put the hard work in!

If I could be anywhere other than work it would be somewhere hot with my little boy, with lots of activities to keep him entertained! Also, when I’m not at work im happiest just spending time with him – whether it’s at home dancing round the living room playing air guitar or running around at the park playing hide and seek.

I think I’m caring, funny and scatty! However, Maddy & Annie would describe me as: Special (cheers), funny & a good mum which is super cute! I do also have a couple of small pet peeves… Whistling, it makes me so mad! Also, having a lack of manners, there’s just no need for it!

When I look at what I want to happen before I die, immediately my mind goes to Jack. I’d love to see him go to university, get married, have children etc! For myself, I would like to do some cooking lessons in another country! Asian, Mexican, Greek, Italian, French – any of those, maybe all of them?

The person I admire most is my mum! She completed a 6yr maths degree whilst working part time as a school cook and raising 3 children by herself. She’s always taught me and my siblings that we can do and be whatever we want and is always there to support us. She is also super close to my little boy and helps me so much! <3

I do support a charity! My grandad raises money for Alzheimer’s UK and my friend is doing a skydive for the same charity soon. It’s one which is extremely close to my heart so I give to them where possible

My personal motto? Be kind, always. You never know what someone else is going through. Peace & Love <3 xx

Maddy Fountain AKA Mads, Sales Administrator
I started at Premier in August 2018, almost a year ago! The time has flown by so fast and I always look forward to coming to work. I am a sales administrator and always have been. I have worked with Kat as her admin since I started, she is brilliant. We get on really well and we always have a giggle! At work, I am mainly just called Maddy or the occasional Mads. Although, Jamie decided to call me Daisy Cow because I had long lash extensions which has stuck with him… LOL! Oh yeah and I also get called Mabel occasionally by Annie (which is her dogs name) haha.

I love every moment working at Premier. All of the laughs we have in the office on a daily basis are golden. Myself, Kat and Annie are always up to mischief and I am often in tears of laughter! Also Martin is alright as he makes me a cup of tea every morning. One of my favourite times outside of work was our Christmas party last year, it was a great evening. Also when some of us had a girlie evening and played heads up, that was really funny…

I hope to progress within my role at Premier and am looking forward to all future endeavours. Although, growing up I always wanted to win the X Factor and be a famous singer. I went to singing and dancing lessons every Saturday and really believed I could go all the way. I have now come to terms that this will not happen, as my singing sounds like a cat crying in an alleyway, haha.

If I could be anywhere other than work, I would be on holiday in the sun with my boyfriend on a beautiful beach. With a glass of prosecco in hand of course, or a cocktail. I mean, when I’m not at work, I would say I am at my happiest when I am enjoying time with the people who I love. What better way to spend time. I love going out for dinner that is definitely one of my hobbies, I love a good roast. I also spend my summers going to as many festivals I can and love a day out to London.

My first reaction to the question what do I want to do before I die was go to Ibiza. But then when I thought about it I would also like to go to Italy and stuff my face with pizza and pasta. I would also like to climb a mountain (I haven’t chosen which one yet). I haven’t made a bucket list yet so this is a work in progress! For now, i’m happy sticking to my usual routine; weekends usually consist of spending time with my family, boyfriend and friends. You can usually find me in the gym, shopping or if it’s sunny in a pub garden.

My only pet peeve would be when people speak with their mouth full. It really annoys me and I hate bad table manners! Other than that, I would describe myself as funny, caring and maybe a bit ruthless. I asked Annie and she said I am blunt but I know she wouldn’t cope without me. One of my dear friends said to me at the weekend she loves that once I set a goal in life I always achieve it. Which I agree with as once I set my mind to something I always give it 100%, even if I don’t get there first time.

At work I admire Pads, the work she does is amazing. She is so thoughtful and caring. Her attention to detail with everything she does is amazing. She is such a valuable member of the team at Premier. Everyone needs a Pads in their life.

My personal motto is ‘Come on Eileen’. 

Annie Flight, Sales Administrator
Well… I originally started at Premier, March 2018 – then left for three months to travel and returned October 2018! I am a Sales Administrator, always have been. It’s hard to name one specific moment which has been my favourite while working at Premier. There’s always a moment in the day when I’m in fits of laughter, crying or shooting my elastic band gun at Martin. If I had a nickname given to me, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to repeat it… Jamie I’m looking at you!

Sadly, the things I’m happiest doing when not at work are having a good work out at the gym and playing pool in my back garden with a glass of red wine…but if I could be anywhere other than work right now, I would be in Queenstown, New Zealand – it’s incredible! I loved it so much, that when i returned home i was incredibly close to getting my working holiday Visa and moving myself and my dog over there – that is the dream!

Looking forward, my ultimate dream is to be a Police Officer. When I was in my teens, I was an Air Cadet which really influenced me to join the RAF as Physical Trainer – however, I knew I would never be fit enough to train people in the RAF!

A standard day for me goes something like this: Walk my dog. Work. Walk my dog. Work. Walk my dog. Gym. Wine.

I would say i’m Helpful, Funny and Caring. I also asked Maddy and she said a Chocoholic (She’s definitely not wrong there!). She also called me Bland, but I think she was just bitter that I called her blunt… LOL. I do have one pet peeve, and that is laziness, I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT!

I’m well into my hiking and climbing, so the one thing I’d love to do before I die, would be to climb up to Everest Base Camp. It would be such an achievement and I would be so proud of myself!

Someone I admire is my sister – a lot actually – which she probably doesn’t know. She was in and out of hospital a lot growing up, she had a Hip Replacement at the age of 21 and the amount she has achieved in her life is incredible – she’s currently travelling the world with her husband. #couplegoals

I have previously raised money for the Royal Air Force – but I hope to support another charity if I’m successful in the London Marathon Ballot for 2020!

“DO MORE QUOTES” – Richard Fuller, 2019

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