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Here’s another set of Premier Family bios for you to enjoy, this time it’s our Production Team, which includes Martin, Em-J and Hickey. Happy reading!

Martin Travell AKA Mart/Big Mart, Operations

I joined the Premier team as the Transport Coordinator in July 2009, so almost 10 years. I now head up general company operations. Some of my colleagues call me ‘Big Mart’ although, I’m not as big anymore, nowadays It’s normally just Mart. My typical day consists of pushing orders through to suppliers as quick as possible, I like to check everything is running to schedule and generally ticking over as it should be, I spend time solving issues, but who doesn’t? The weekends tend to consist of relaxation with my family and watching anything sport on the TV. What can I say… I like to keep things simple.

I think over the years, there have been several moments that could be my favourite, but the one that sticks out has to be Jamie falling off a table at our Christmas party a few years back, there’s a good chance it was drink related.

If I could be anywhere but Premier, it would be somewhere hot and sunny, I’m really not fussy. My hope for the future is to retire as soon as possible and put my feet up, but that is a good few years away; saying that, flashback a few years ago, my dream was simply to become taller and older, so I guess everything worked out in the end?

There is one thing I don’t want to see before I die, and that is see Liverpool win the Premier League, so far so good! Although, something I want to do is a round the world trip for several months, but only if funds allow.

I have far too many pet peeves to mention, so I’ll spare you the boredom. I think people would describe me as reliable, trustworthy and honest, at least I hope they do. I’m happiest when I’m walking the dog, watching sport and being on holiday, all things any normal person would enjoy.

I do bits and pieces for the odd charity when I can, and I do my best to look after my family. Following from Family, I have and will always admire my parents, you don’t realize how much they do for you and what a massive guidance they are on your life until you grow up. Parents are there to remind you that you’re unique and not the same as everyone else.

If I had a motto for life, it would have to be “To finish first, you must first finish.”

Emma-Jade Hodge AKA Em-J, Production Administrator

I have now been working at Premier for just over a year, I currently work as a part of the production team as an administrator, however I did start as a sales administrator. Most people call me Em-J it’s short, simple and works and much more appropriate than my other nicknames.

My work day normally consists of chasing up my orders, calling printers and making sure everyone’s orders are on track to our customers and that normally takes up my morning. My afternoon is then spent sending new orders out and maybe packing up some deliveries in the warehouse or helping out people where I can! My weekends and evenings tend to be spent either at the gym or eating snacks and watching Netflix from the comfort of my bed.

There have been so great many moments to pick from while being at Premier, but my absolute fave has to be the ‘pizza days’, for a while I held the title for “The Most Slices of Pizza Eaten in 1 Sitting” which was 13, this was Dominoes, Not one of those small value pizzas from the local shop.

Looking to the future, I just want to do the best I can where I am, and hopefully work my way up. I had previously wanted to be a vet, I realised however that I was i’d just want to kidnap everyone’s pet and run away. I also wanted to be a psychologist or therapist, but it’s probably best I didn’t…

If I could be anywhere other than Premier, id probably be eating pizza, or any food, as long as there is food involved, I am more than happy to be there! Maybe Italy, for the pizza, of course. For now I will settle for spending time outside of work with my dog Barney, who is the absolute love of my life and probably always will be – Sorry lads.

I had done horse riding for 12 years, and am actually trained in show jumping, bit rusty nowadays. I would describe myself as loud, obnoxious and downright hilarious, I think others would definitely agree that I’m hilarious. However I do have many pet peeves; A few include people eating my food, being nagged to do things – although I am a huge nag myself, someone using my mug, basically don’t annoy me or touch my stuff, I think you get the idea.

There is only really one thing I want to do before I die and that is to go to Chile, and discover where my Mum and her family grew up; I admire my mum, she is so strong and can sit with the weight of the world on her shoulders and never complain or crumble. I aspire to be as strong willed and compassionate as her one day! I have recently been supporting various causes before fulfilling some of the bigger things on my bucket list. I support Age UK, Cancer Research and try to do my bit for the less fortunate whenever I can.

My motto in life? “Where there’s a will… I want to be in it!”


Follow Em-J on Instagram: @emmaa_jade

Rachel Hickey AKA Hickey, Production Administrator

I started in May 2017, so coming up to 2 years! We have a thing for last names as nicknames here, so since joining I have adopted the very creative ‘Hickey’. I am currently ‘the best’ member of Team Production but I started as a Sales Administrator, working with Rich’s team.

So far, working at Premier has been great, especially the fab team nights we’ve had like bowling, the quiz nights, casino nights and so many more. I’ve also made some great pals, the don’t fail to make every day hilarious. As funny as working at Premier is, if I could be anywhere else other than here it would be any European city, I love the food, the history and the cobbled streets, basically anywhere I can get some good content for my Instagram.

When I’m not working, going to the cinema is my fave thing to do, I usually go once or twice a week, I reckon I’ve seen over 1000 films, I just absolutely love movies.

If I flashback 10 years, I always wanted to be a vet, but come my year 10 work experience, that changed rapidly. I was placed in my local vets and on my first day I saw two animals die – may their souls rest in peace – had a cry and decided it wasn’t for me.

I am so painfully sarcastic it’s unreal, I’m guessing everyone else would agree. I might be sarcastic, but at least I can successfully quote vines and ‘The Undateables’ 24/7, which is definitely some kind of talent, if not then I guess I don’t have any skills that are notable (Thanks Mum).

A typical weekend as Rach is shopping far too much, eating a lot of food, consuming a lot of £2 cocktails and singing my heart out at walkabout karaoke nights. I am however desperate to travel the world, so far I’ve been to 19 countries and aim this year to get to 21 before I turn 21 later this year.

I admire my boyfriend Josh. He’s so talented at writing and is currently studying towards a degree in sports journalism – he never fails to shock me with random facts, his general knowledge and way with words! He has a massive heart and has always embraced his individuality which inspires me to do the same <3.

A charity I love and try to donate to once a month is Send a Cow they have an online ‘shop’ where you can purchase anything from Dairy Cows, Goats, Chickens, A small child’s education, clean water taps & so much more and whatever you choose to purchase then goes to a family in poverty somewhere in Africa to help them change their lives! They have helped whole villages and the work they continue to do always inspires me – I talk about it so much everyone’s probably had enough lol.

YOLO my dudes *peace sign*”


Follow Hickey on Instagram: @hickeyxrachel

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