Premier Launch Dream Draw For Our Employees

Beyond a pay rise, how do you continue to motivate your employees throughout the year and reward them for their hard work and loyalty? That’s a question frequently asked by many of the UK’s business owners and managers. From this month, Premier are trying something new and exciting to reward our team – The Dream Draw.

The Dream Draw gives our team an opportunity to fulfil a personal dream or aspiration by winning a monthly draw worth £1000. The dream can be anything that employee would like, with the aim that it is something that the individual would not otherwise do or experience without a one-off award of this nature. At the beginning of the month, every Premier employee writes down her or his dream for that month on a form. If the company as a whole reaches our target for that month, one employee will then be picked at random and win a £1000 award in order to help them achieve their dream.

Winner of today’s first Dream Draw, Laura in our sales admin team, is using the money to take a holiday with her boyfriend. If they decide to travel outside the UK, it will be the first time they have been away on an overseas break for six years.

Premier's MD Jamie Marshall with Dream Draw winner Laura

“Everyone has dreams and today we are helping to make one our employee’s dreams come true,” says Jamie Marshall, founder and managing director of Premier Print & Promotions. ”However, the aim of the Dream Draw is to bring the whole company together to achieve our shared goals and targets in a fun way, and allows everyone within Premier to share in the success.”

Montage of Laura’s Dream Draw Prize

Montage of Laura's Dream Draw prize

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