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Ellie’s Premier Adventure

As part of Year 10 in my school we are required to do two weeks’ worth of work experience in a field that we are interested in potentially going into as we need to start thinking about what we want to do in college/A levels. I chose to come to Premier Print & Promotions which is a promotional gifts and print company that supplies many different types of companies with their merchandise as I wanted to experience an office environment but also mainly to look into the graphic design side of the company.

On my first day I came in and met Charlotte, PA to the MD & HR, who was  my supervisor for my time at Premier. Charlotte gave me a tour around, telling me where everything was and introduced me to everyone. Everyone was so welcoming!

We went through my timetable for the next 2 weeks which made me excited for what was to come. After that I had to watch some health and safety videos with multiple choice quizzes at the end about the situations and issues that could occur in an office workplace. I found this quite boring however I was at my own desk which made me feel part of the company already! However it is necessary part of working in an office environment.

In the afternoon of my first day I was with Kat, Head of New Business. Kat showed me LinkedIn and why they use it; which is to be able to contact different companies/people on a business level, as a company they use it to grow their business and find more prospects. I got the opportunity to go through and find everybody that we should be able to contact and sent requests to people that we couldn’t.


Studio are responsible for creating visuals for customers that are interested in getting their products from us as well as artwork creations and design work for different products as well. They also are in charge of checking artwork proofs received from suppliers to make sure they match the original artwork that we sent out and also proofreading different print jobs such as brochures and leaflets.

Studio/Artwork is the main department I was interested in working with. I was with Robyn, Nick and Ellie where they taught me new key commands for the Adobe software that I can use to do things quicker which I can take back and use at school.

They taught me how to create and amend artwork as well as letting me do some of my own design cases independently. I also learned about brand guidelines and the difference between CMYK and pantone colours and why they are so important to get right. Vectorised images is another thing that I learnt about and that they are a lot better for creating graphics with.

I got to sit in a supplier meeting which was really interesting and gave me the opportunity to get involved with how the company gets to see new products that will be available for branding.

I got to start on a presentation that they would give to a future customer showing all of the products that Premier Print & Promotions could do for them (for example mugs, notebooks, sweet jars). I got given Premier’s powerpoint template and started to cut out the images from their backgrounds on Adobe Illustrator and putting them all in their separate sections each on a different slide.


Marketing are responsible for all of Premiers social media posts and the maintenance of the website. They also are in charge of all of the promotional emails that are sent out to their databases which are called e-shots as well as the goodie packs that are sent out to all of the customers.

I got to be with Kirbs and Tom in marketing for a few days where I helped organise the store room and package their goodie bags that they send to customers. Premier Print & Promotions sends goodie bags to various customers to showcase the company which helps to interest more people in the sort of products that they do or to thank people for ordering with them/checking everything was okay with their items. I was also shown how to use Promo Office and started to follow up on the goodies that had been sent.


HR are responsible for being the first place a potential employee would contact and arrange all of their interviews and documentation. They also approve holiday requests, log sickness and deal with lots of official paperwork. They are the people you would go to if you had any problems.

On Wednesday I was with Charlotte where she let me plan Premiers’ socials with their budget and ideas from the current years. I gave a few ideas for restaurants locally that everyone could go to for Christmas dinner as well as fun social ideas like the outdoor cinema, karaoke night and bowling. I worked these out around the budget and created a mind map with all of my ideas on that I gave to Charlotte for her to potentially use.


I shadowed Chloe, a Sales Administrator,  where she taught me how to produce quotes and how to find products and suppliers for different customers. One of the customers wanted some halloween themed products so we searched the supplier’s websites to find some different items such as logobugs and sweet tins that we then gathered prices for the quantity needed to then be able to produce a quote for them. 


Production are responsible of the placing and checking of artwork, as well as being in charge of the delivery and dispatch details of all of the products being sent out. This then follows through to the customer and making sure that they have their approval and they receive everything that they ordered for.

Martin in production showed me an insight into what they do and taught me about delivery notes and dispatch details. For example you have to have all of the following documents in order to send a delivery note – Enquiry & Prices, Customer order/PO, SO PDF, Customer Approval, PO sent to the supplier, Supplier proof, Order confirmation and the delivery note confirmed.


Accounts are responsible for all of Premiers finance, this means that they are in charge of all of the company’s invoices to and from suppliers and making sure that if Premier is missing money from certain customers that they chase it up. They also give out invoices to customers as well as being able to take payment from them over the phone or deal with it through online banking.

Lottie in accounts showed me how she creates invoices and taught me more about the financial side of the company. We went through Xero which is the software used for invoices and she helped me how to find the ones we have got on the system which we crossed of and then taught me that the ones missing would then be enquired about. We also logged on a spreadsheet all of the customers that have not paid yet and that we are awaiting for. Then we went onto Promo office where Lottie showed me how she would do the invoices and how she would put them into the system.


Overall, I have had an amazing two weeks at Premier Print & Promotions and would like to thank everyone for being so helpful and amazing. My favourite department to work in was studio as I am interested in a potential future career in graphic design. I really enjoyed learning so many new skills and just getting an insight into what they do on the daily. My favourite thing was designing my own business cards as I was able to input my own ideas and designs as well as having the opportunity to explore Adobe Illustrator on my own. 

Everyone at Premier is so lovely and made me feel so welcome and I am sad that my work experience is coming to an end. I have learnt that teamwork is so important in an office environment/ a company like this. I have learnt so many new things such as what a vectorised image is and the difference between CMYK and Pantones.

Doing my work experience at Premier has been an incredible experience that I will never forget! It has definitely made me think that I do want to do a job with graphic design and has given me an insight into what that would be like.

Thank you again Premier for having me for a couple of weeks!

Ellie Rollinson, Year 10, Plume School

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