The promo pen that keeps on going!


Trusted by the World’s top 10 brands, Senator® is the Duracell bunny of the promo pen world.

Considering promo products reach more people than any other form of advertising, and the humble ballpen is top of the list of promo items, it makes sense to choose a pen in the pink bunny league! In fact, if it’s a pink pen you’re after, they have over 30 different varieties.

We use a pen on average 6 times a day, even despite the influence of the ever expanding tech’ market. It is doubtful there is even a desk on the planet without a pen! Senator® pens are fitted with 3.5 miles of ink, which to put into context equates to one pen for a child’s entire secondary education. Added to that, Senator® guarantee that their print will remain recognisable throughout the life of that pen. So when you choose a senator® pen to be your brand ambassador, you can be assured that your message will keep on passing hands for quite an impressive period of time.

An even more important consideration than longevity, but one that is most often overlooked, is product safety and compliance. From the customer’s point of view, the quality of a promotional item is transferred onto the image of the company it represents. So, the last thing you want to do is align your brand with a poor quality product, or a manufacturer that doesn’t share your commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Senator® are leading the promotional industry in compliance, and were the first manufacturing supplier to achieve the British Promotional Merchandise Association’s highly respected ‘Charter’ status. Their pens can tick all the boxes for compliance; REACH, BSCI (they were founder members!), Sedex, plus ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. So it’s no surprise that nearly 80% of the pens that they supply in the U.K. are repeat orders, including some of the biggest global brands!

In a crowded advertising market, it’s good to know that Senator® are also big on innovation and product flexibility. Many product families can be inter-mixed in terms of colours and components, with some lines offering up over 1,000,000 colour combinations, providing brands with the opportunity to create something truly individualistic. In fact, they would probably consider a pink bunny rather passé!

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