Promotional Bottled Water

Walking around an exhibition is a fantastic way to improve/grow your business and see what other people have to offer, but they are also tiring and thirsty work!

If you’re visiting an exhibition, you always try to organise yourself before attending. Notebook, pen, place to pop all the business cards you collect and your business cards at the ready to hand out and pop in the competition bowls, even though you know there is no way you will win…or is that just my bad luck?

But no one ever thinks to take a drink with them and end up queuing for an overpriced bottle of something. Wasting valuable networking time by doing so!

So with that thought, Promotional Bottled Water is a fantastic item to have on your next exhibition stand to get potential customers over and start talking about the services you could offer. You will always get the people who aren’t interested in your business and just desperate for a drink, but they’ve just walked off with your branding all over that bottle and are advertising you all over the exhibition hall!

We practice what we preach as we exhibited at last year’s Marketing Week Live show and had promotional water as a giveaway…due to its popularity we are having it again this year.

The water shown on our website is a 330ml sized bottle available in a blue tint or clear bottle. Other sizes are available. The labels are printed in full colour so you can get creative and achieve some outstanding branding.

As always, our sales team are available to discuss your specific requirements and any thoughts you have for your next exhibition. We’re here to help!

Give us a call today to talk to one of our expert sales team and find out more!

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