The Promotional Poster Made From Chocolate

Thought you couldn’t stuff any more chocolate down your mush after the Christmas binge? Think again. A gourmet choccie specialist in Raleigh, North Carolina have decided to promote their fifth anniversary in scrumdiddlyumptious style this month by producing a series of edible posters made from chocolate.

Videri Chocolate Factory’s handcrafted chocolate posters feature tongue-in-cheek headlines like “Enjoy This Tasteful Poster” and “Now Eat This Thing Before It Melts”.

Munchable Marketing

“As a business it was important to us to say thank you to everyone who supported us by making a chocolate poster,” says Sam Ratto, one of the founders of Videri Chocolate Factory, in the company’s promotional video.

“I pour a whole bunch of chocolate onto a chocolate transfer sheet and then I smooth it out like a cake decorator,” he explains. “Then it hardens and I flip it over and peel off the transfer sheet. The cocoa butter printed on that gets transferred into the chocolate and it’s a gigantic chocolate bar. It’s amazing.”

Here’s the full video –

Videri are displaying the posters at local shops, restaurants, art galleries and other locations with large footfall in an effort to reach new customers. They’re also giving away signed editions of the chocolate poster when customers spend over $50 in Videri’s own store.

Videri Chocolate Factory worked with ad agency Baldwin& on this clever chocolatey promotion.

Chocolate poster being made

Images Credit: Videri Chocolate Factory

Sweet Like Chocolate

Sadly, it seems that no Oompla Loompas were employed in the production of Videri‘s chocolate posters. But while we’re talking about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory…

Who can take a promo, sprinkle it with you.
Cover it in chocolate and a marketing miracle or two.
The Premier Team can.
The Premier Team can ‘cause we mix it with love and make the world taste good!

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