Promotional Tech Trends for 2019

The tech industry is growing at a rate which is faster than the United Kingdom’s own economy, it’s no wonder so many different industries and sectors depend on it for their day to day work.

Make sure you’re up to date with the latest trends and start your 2019 on a high with some of the biggest and newest technology out there!




What technology is on trend for 2019?

True Wireless Stereo
One of the most popular concepts is ‘True Wireless Stereo’, the latest innovation in Bluetooth speaker technology. Wireless speakers and earbuds that are compatible with True Wireless Stereo present a great solution for anyone who is tired of poor audio quality when using other types of Bluetooth speakers.

The True Wireless Stereo allows you to enjoy the stereo quality sound that is immersive and engaging enough to bring any social gathering, party or office to life!



The Square Speaker
Micro in size but large in sound! This elegant metal wireless speaker delivers your logo engraved in great style combined with high-quality 3W sound. Looks the part on your desk, in the kitchen or even on your nightstand for early morning music.



Wireless Charging
Wireless charging continues to be very current, and is becoming increasingly more universal; it is certainly an area to keep an eye on. However, power banks and charging cables still dominate with a countless number of new styles and sizes to ensure anyone can make their brand pop. No matter how you want to charge your device, doing it with your brand definitely has the power to make an impact.



Zens Wireless Charging Pad
The ZENS Single Wireless Charger features Qi technology enables you to charge many Android devices without wires and with a sleeve Apple devices. Please ask for information on full compatibility of your device.



Fitness Tech
Kit that helps you keep fit is on the rise again, over the last 12-month fitness trackers and Smart Watches have begun to make an appearance on the promotional scene. Now coupled with GPS and professional applications for improved ease of use, the smart and colourful designs are a great way for you to push your brand to the next level and give off a healthy, fresh vibe at the same time.




Blaupunkt Connected Smart Bracelet
Track your lifestyle with this Bluetooth smart bracelet that monitors your heart rate, calories burned, steps, sleep and helps you target your daily goals while notifying you of incoming messages.





Bluetooth 5
We celebrated Bluetooth’s 20th birthday earlier this year, and now we welcome the birth of ‘Bluetooth 5’. It is expanding rapidly into many new products. This innovative new wireless communication standard is bringing far greater transmission distances between gadget and host device. With the ability to pair up to 10 or more devices to one primary device this opens the door to many new and improved compatible tech products.


Take control of your brand…


Premier Print & Promotions are promoting some of the latest tech products with the hashtag #TechFridays on social media. Don’t fall behind the trend and check out some of the amazing new promotional tech we have on offer.


 Check out some more Promotional Tech!



5W Geo Bluetooth Speaker
The GEO Bluetooth speaker is the latest addition to the GEO set. This rugged Bluetooth speaker features 5 colour LED lighting and LED logo branding. Amazing looks meet amazing sound thanks to the 5W speaker.





3 in 1 Logo Cable
Charging cable with great 4 colour logo branding includes Lightning, Micro-USB and USB Type-C connectors. The stylish 1-meter long cable and gift packaging make for a very smart charging accessory for your brand.





Xoopar Powerboard
Portable power bank for smartphones and tablets (2.1A) with a W-cable. This sleek power bank provides express battery charging with overcharge protection.



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