7 Reasons Why Mop Head Stylus Pens Are Hot Promotional Gifts

Not only are our new Mop Head Stylus Pens utterly cute and adorable, they are also amazingly useful promotional gifts to have around at all times.

Promotional Mop Head Stylus Pens

  1. The funky coloured hair on each pen also works as a handy screen cleaner…
  2. …while the soft stylus tip can be used with smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.
  3. What about the pen? Well, that’s JUST a pen! But its curvy shape is incredibly comfortable to write with. The pen’s styling looks great too.
  4. All of the Mop Head Stylus Pens can be fully branded with your own logo, artwork or marketing message.
  5. The pens come in a choice of vibrant blue, lime green, purple, red or black colours. Each is supplied with black ink.
  6. Even the pen clip is designed to look like a striped tie in matching colours.
  7. Luckily, there’s nothing hair raising about the cost either, with Premier’s all-inclusive pricing starting at just 74p per pen.

Mop head pen used as mobile phone stylus

Last, but by no means least. Any resemblance to the Fast Show’s office joker character, Colin Hunt, is purely coincidental!

Mop Head Pen next to Fast Show's Colin Hunt

Image Credit: BBC

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*Prices (ex VAT) are correct as of 19th February 2016.

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