Report from Merchandise World 2020

2 days condensed into a 2 minute read that will seriously raise your branding game.

Having collectively clocked up over 85,000 steps and nearly 40 miles the Premier team have been stomping the aisles of the Merchandise World exhibition to bring you the latest products and trends to put your brand on point in 2020.

Sustainability was the order of the day. Our supply chain has worked tirelessly to meet the growing demand for ethical and environmental products. In almost every corner of the merchandise catalogue there is an environmentally friendly solution to any promotional problem. Packaging was not overlooked either, less wasteful, more eco alternatives to single use plastic and non-recyclables took centre stage. Proof that the eco trend is more than a fad and thankfully a movement that is here to stay. 

A shift towards higher quality, more valuable, less disposable products was also very apparent. It is clear there is a greater ROI on products that will be cherished and reused rather than casually discarded. Something that sticks around will give your brand more impressions per pound than land-fill fodder. The suppliers have clearly researched the market and made products that recipients will find valuable and useful. 

Finally technology is sweeping big changes across the board but most notably the application of variable data. Specifically adding names and individual images to a vast range of products. Research shows that products with the recipient’s name have a greater impact, are more likely to provoke interaction and will be retained for longer. 

Our avid explorers all came home with their top trump product…


Richard’s pick: 

Prodir QS40 Air

How to use less plastic? Simply use less plastic. Full of holes, this contemporary looking pen contains 60% less plastic than its solid brothers and sisters. Made in Switzerland, branded on the clip, and priced from around £1.60 this lightweight beauty is a “hole” lot of fun.


Lucie’s pick:

The Growbar

This original gardening promotional product looks just like a chocolate bar but instead of chocolate, the bar contains seeds which make growing plants and flowers simple and hugely rewarding.  Just unwrap the Growbar, pop into a tray and put it in a sunny place. Add water and wait for 6-8 weeks for seedlings to sprout, ready to be transferred to the garden or plant pot. Minimum order QTY 500pcs. However with a price of around £12 each regrettably money does not grow on trees! Other seed based, more cost effective products are also available.  



Ryan’s Pick:

Karst Stone Notebook

Made from stone – recycled construction and mining waste. No trees, no water, no waste, no acid, no bleach. 60% smaller carbon footprint than paper. Waterproof and tear resistant. 100% recyclable. This is a game changer.  From around £15 each other notebooks will struggle to tick as many boxes as this rockstar.



The Boss’s pick: 


New, funky, different. Recycled and recyclable. Full colour all-over print. Available for less than £1 a pair and in just 3-4 weeks. Loop, swoop and pull will never be the same again.



Vanessa’s pick:

Pride Power

Rainbow pen and drawstring rucksack. Shout loud and proud in support for LGBTQ+ with these rainbow items. Bags from £1.40 each and delivered in just 1 week. Pen writes for 2000 meters, is available in 2 weeks and comes in under 50p each.


Lauren’s pick:

Brown Paper Rucksack

Extremely durable & lightweight, 100% waterproof. A stylish bag, with top buckle and popper, with handy side zip pocket. Grows more beautiful with age, gains a patina, just like leather. Minimum 300pcs from £17 each.



Nikki’s pick:

Cross Calais Pantone Matched Pens

Their flagship pen is now available matched to your brand colour. 750pcs minimum. 5 week lead time. Supplied in a premium gift box with a lifetime mechanical guarantee. From £12.50 each.



Whilst these were our top picks there are some other weird and wonderfuls that deserve an honorable mention…


Cake in a jar. Because who wouldn’t want to eat cake from a jar.



Clay mini plant pots. Super sustainable. And beautiful.



Bespoke shape chocolates. This chocolate intricacy will blow your mind.



Notebook made in the UK. A real eco box ticker.



So how about a carbon neutral pen. No negative impact on the environment whatsoever. First of its kind.



And that is a wrap. Only 28 weeks, 5 days until the next one. Talk to our experts about how these products can work for you…

Give us a call today to talk to one of our expert sales team and find out more!

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