Beware of Buying Cheap Roller Banners

Perfect for events, exhibitions and conferences, roller banners make a huge impact for your brand with the minimum of space and fuss. In the print world, especially online printers, they are fast becoming as popular as business cards for businesses and organisations. However, not all roller banners – and roller banner suppliers – are the same.

That’s why Premier ran a simple test this month between an online supplier of cheap roller banners and one of our regular suppliers to show you the difference. Both suppliers received identical artwork and roller banner specs from us. We think the results speak for themselves…

You Get What You Pay For;

Checklist For Buying Quality Roller Banners

  • Roller banners are sometimes called pop up banners or pull up banners. There’s no difference in actual quality or pricing between these alternatively named versions.
  • Know exactly where (indoors or outdoors) and when (occasionally or every day) your roller banner will be used before choosing any particular product.
  • Roller banners come in a wide range of heights and widths. They should grab the interest of passers-by, not get in their way!
  • Low priced roller banners are not designed for continual use. Problems to watch out for include difficulties putting the banner up or down, tears and scratches appearing, and the inability to replace the printed banner with new artwork. The roller banner can also start leaning forwards or backwards instead of displaying upright as it should be.
  • The display stand should be sturdy, lightweight, simple to put up/take down and easy to transport.
  • Rigidising brackets will give the roller banner stand extra strength, not only helping to increase the straightness of the printed banner but also the longevity of the stand.
  • If you are looking for added flexibility, modular roller banners are configurable banners that can be linked together to form larger displays.


Premier Roller Banners

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