Shopify Lets Gamers Buy Promotional Merchandise While Playing

eCommerce specialists Shopify are teaming up with game companies and promotional experts, enabling them to sell merchandise to gamers while they play a game!

Snowman, a small games studio based in Toronto, have been one of the first to implement Shopify’s new Unity Buy Software Development Kit (SDK). Snowman’s popular mobile phone game, Alto’s Adventure, is now capable of selling branded T-shirts and character-themed merchandise direct to players from within the game itself.

“Just as commerce has evolved over the years from market stalls, to shopping malls, to eCommerce stores, how people buy continues to expand and evolve,” says Shopify. “With the Unity Buy SDK, Alto’s Adventure is able to make the buying experience feel like an authentic part of the game’s universe.”

Alto’s Adventure Game Merchandise

Alto's Adventure screenshot

Alto’s Adventure is out now for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire.

Alto's Adventure in-game store

The in-game store lets players quickly purchase official game merchandise with a credit card.

Alto's Adventure promo hat

The game’s artist and programmer Harry Nesbitt produced the textile design for this Alto Toque.

Alto's Adventure promo T-shirt

Snowman’s collection of Llama Logo T-shirts are based on the hues from the day, night and weather cycles in their Alto’s Adventure game.


Alto's Adventure Llama soft toy

Alto’s Lost Llama soft toy, handcrafted in Germany using a process called needle felting, is based on some beautiful fan art.

Alto's Adventure promo socks

The Alto Socks feature geometric patterns with llamas. I haven’t seen this many llamas in a game since Jeff Minter’s Mama Llama on the Commodore 64!

Here’s a trailer of the game:

Collector’s Editions

Shopify’s clever in-game merchandising software can even support fully customised purchases. For example, players could buy a T-shirt, mug or poster showing scenes or achievements that they’ve experienced in a game.

Game fans will absolutely love this.

As games become increasingly more sophisticated and expensive to make, official merchandise is sure to become another major source of revenue for game developers and publishers in the coming years.

Ahead Of The Game

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