How To Spend Your Marketing Budget Wisely

There are so many ways you can spend your marketing budget from SEO to mailers. It can be difficult to decide what is worth the time and money to invest in which ultimately may not work for your company.


Have you considered Promotional Products?


If not, here are 5 reasons why they should be part of your marketing:


  1. Studies have shown that people keep promotional products for a year or longer: This means that the money you spend on these products could produce results for a whole year and is better than short term advertisement like mailers.


  1. Promotional gifts are memorable: Many ways of advertising for example TV or radio are easily forgotten or missed. If you were to brand a mug or a pen these items are used every day, therefore your targeted customer would be constantly reminded of your brand.


  1. Small giveaways to your customers win loyalty. A small gesture goes a long way, by sending your customers a gift it builds a relationship with them.


  1. They build brand awareness: Research shows that recipients of promotional products have better recognition for a brand, especially if the product is useful to them.


  1. They are affordable: We have many different types of gifts to suit your budget for example we have special offers on popular gifts such as pens, mugs, bags, usbs or you can go for the expensive high end executive gifts.


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Print your company logo on any type of promotional gift from the popular items to the more quirky gifts like bespoke stress products and smart phone speakers which ever suits your needs and event. Hand these items out to your customers with an order, at an exhibition, to your current portfolio of customers and start seeing the results.


What do you do now?

Speak to us so we can help you choose the right promotional product that will be useful to your target market or specific customer and start building brand recognition!

Give us a call today to talk to one of our expert sales team and find out more!

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