Premier Bio’s – The 4 Charlotte’s

Over the next few months here at Premier we are going to be asking various members of the team to write small biographies about themselves, so you can get to know them on a slightly more personal level. So there is no other way to start proceedings other than to begin with our 4 “Charlotte’s”.

Charlotte Padfield AKA Padders/Pads
I joined the team back in August 2016, as the PA to Jamie and to this day I still look after him. Since joining Premier I have taken on the HR administrator responsibilities and just in general looking after the team! Everyone in the office calls me Pads or Padders, I’m not sure anyone calls me by my real name, I don’t actually remember the last time somebody referred to me as “Charlotte”!

A typical day for me at work is coming into emails, mainly from Jamie. Going through Jamie’s inbox to see what he has or sometimes hasn’t actioned any overnight emails that have come in. I compile a list of things I need to action or query with Jamie and away we go; This may involve diary management, personal things and customer development. The rest of my day depends on what is going on with Jamie, staff in general and anything else that is thrown my way that I may have to deal with from suppliers and customers.

I think one of my biggest highlights since working at Premier was passing my probation after only 3 months, it’s always nice to know that you’re appreciated, especially when you’re new to a company; it’s been 2 years since then, and for the foreseeable I hope to continue to support my colleagues and Jamie.

Looking back on my original career aspirations, I really wanted to be a tennis player! I even dabbled with some instruments such as the recorder, bass recorder and clarinet – you could call me a musical whiz!

If I could be anywhere other than work, it would have to be a Caribbean beach with a good book and a refreshing cocktail, covered in factor 50, in the shade…obviously.

I think I’m a very organised, funny, but picky person, saying that, others would definitely consider me a bit of a foodie, so perhaps not too picky! I think with my role at work, my peers would also describe me as thoughtful of others.

One thing I want to do before I die is make some ginger babies, there’s no simpler way of putting it really!

I find happiness in many things, if I could pinpoint one thing, it absolutely has to be a good box set combined with a steaming hot cuppa and a doughnut, you can’t go wrong! Another interesting fact about me… I have  donated blood 26 times, yep… 26 and proud!

I admire all of the people I’m close to, but nobody compares to the two most important women in my life, my mum and my sister. My Mum is one of the strongest and kind hearted woman in the world. My Sister puts others ahead of herself and is just a genuine and thoughtful woman. Having people close to you that are special is incredibly important, they’re a reason to keep smiling.

If I had a motto for life, it would definitely be “Treat others how you wish to be treated”.

Charlotte Kirby AKA Kirbs or MTV Kribs to Tom
I joined the Premier Family a few weeks before Christmas in 2016, against all odds I’ve survived 2 years! Everyone calls me Kirbs – Charlotte just feels weird.

Originally I took on the role in the Studio Team as an Artworker. However, I started to branch out and have been more involved in the marketing side of the business, which has led me to be promoted to Marketing & Design Executive; I focus on Marketing full time, but still produce all of my own design work. I have very recently been promoted to Marketing & Design Manager and will be heading up the studio team as well as continuing to work with marketing.

I am working on world domination in my spare time, but for now I will settle for “Officer in charge of all things pretty” (OICOATP).

One of my favourite moments at Premier came almost as soon as I started; this was the Christmas meal. I had only worked for Premier for a few weeks and everyone made me feel so welcome. I couldn’t believe the generosity of Jamie and really appreciated the evening! I had previously worked for a not so nice company with a boss who was reluctant to even let us have a lunch break let alone treat us to a Christmas meal!

I hope that I can continue to build on my new team in marketing and design and have hopes to merge the two departments to pool resources. I have also really enjoyed guiding two apprentices over the past year. The aim is to give many more that opportunity in Marketing and Design.

If I wasn’t at work, and I could go anywhere in the world, I would be in a hot country, off the beaten track. Exploring and learning about other cultures. I am not a fan of touristy places!

Looking back, I had always wanted to be a vet! Who doesn’t love animals? My life revolves around my rescue dog Minnie Moo! She is a 10 year old Shar-Pei so is pretty much an old lady and my bestie. We go on a lovely long walk in the morning and another in the evening when I am home from work. I love walking Minnie because it gives me a chance to clear my thoughts, get some exercise in and see her enjoying herself!

I reckon I am a fairly patient, kind and loving person, but that’s just my opinion. If I asked anybody what they thought of me, they’d probably be really nice about it and say something similar. But if you were to ask Tom, our Marketing Apprentice, he would probably describe me as feisty, scary and a bit blunt. I’m not that bad really, just a bit to the point sometimes haha.

I’d love to make an impact to somebody’s life or do something that people remember me by, you shouldn’t bow out without making a mark. I mean, i’m not sure that being able to do the cups song from ‘Pitch Perfect’ is a big enough feat! I like to think of myself as a bit of an eco warrior, making changes to my lifestyle each month meaning my life becomes more sustainable as the year goes on.

To feel like a bit of a better person I give blood as often as they will let me and I give to the dog rescue place I got Minnie from (link below wink wink). On top of that I make sure I always buy something for the food bank collections in supermarkets when I do my weekly shop.

The person I look up to and admire in life is my Dad. He has worked towards his career since he was 16 knowing he wanted to be a Pilot at sea. He has worked his way up, become a very respected team member and is constantly adding to his skill set with new ventures and learning opportunities. I also admire him for standing up for what he believes in. He has taught me that you can be who YOU want to be and has thrown in some good morals along the way.

My motto in life probably comes from the inspiration I get from my Dad: “Don’t put off today what you can do tomorrow.”

Life is good.

Charlotte Tuff AKA Tuffs or Tuffers
I began working at Premier in September last year, the time has flown by! I am currently a Sales Administrator, I think the minute I walked through the door, everyone decided my nickname was going to be “Tuffs” or “Tuffers” some of my colleagues still call me Charlotte, but it made me feel welcomed straight away!

The socials that happen at Premier are a massive highlight to my time being here, they’re so well organised and always a great laugh.

I had worked in a Sales and Marketing Administrator role before starting at Premier, but flashback 10 years I really wanted to work for a magazine – I’m a pretty keen photographer – but I would have settled for McDonald’s, they give you free food at lunch!

If I could be anywhere other than work, I’d want to be on holiday, the preferred destination? Anywhere in Italy! Italy may be the prime location, however, travelling the world is on the ‘Things to do before I die’ bucket list. On holiday and shopping are the two things I am happiest doing when I’m not at work.

I’d describe myself as Friendly, Outgoing and Caring, I’m not sure how others would describe me, I’m just hoping they’ll agree with me! I however think I’m very impatient, this means I have so many pet peeves, but people who have little to no manners is the worst one, can’t stand it!

I care about everyone in my life and am currently just looking to enjoy myself and continue to work hard in my role at Premier!

Charlotte Churchman AKA Lottie
I began work at Premier in September 2014, so just over 4 years. Everyone in the office calls me Lottie, I’m actually a Charlotte, I’m pretty sure there are a few people at Premier that didn’t know that!

I had originally applied, interviewed and got the job as a Sales Administrator, however took on the role as an Accounts Assistant in April 2017, just under two years after the swap, I am now the Finance Manager at Premier and couldn’t be more proud of how far I have come. My aim while working at Premier is to hopefully become a fully qualified accountant and continue to progress my career in finance.

My favourite moment so far at Premier has got to be the Bingo & Casino night, despite the great socials the team has, if I could be anywhere else other than work, it’d be somewhere warm, the dream is to go travelling but more specifically to Canada.

I think looking back, my original career path was a bit far fetched as I had wanted to be a Footballer. I was football mad, and used to play at academy and county level. This was all before I knew what drinking was. I still enjoying watching games and spending time at the pub with cider in hand, can’t go wrong with that! I now play pool for my local pub team and often partake in darts matches too.

My Mum is one of the most important people in my life, she’s always been there and is probably the reason I follow the cliché quote to “Never Give Up”.

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