The bPay Powerbank Payment Fob

Last year there was an astounding number of contactless transactions in the UK, with over 415 million transactions in April it’s no surprise that Contactless payments have become increasingly popular around the world; Powerbank Payment Fobs dive head first into this pool of popularity!

The bPay Powerbank Payment Fob combines the benefits of a portable powerbank with the convenience of a contactless payment device. The built in 2-in-1 charging cable is compatible with both Lightning and Micro-USB devices. Luckily, full power, mobile signal or phone connectivity isn’t required to use the bPay chip, great if you come from a rural area.
The device is a valuable companion for commuters in London, two simple taps will get you through your journey whether it’s via the bus or the underground.

Premier Print & Promotions gave bPay key fobs to a few members of the team to dabble with, they proved to be a handy tool for those who had a go. Their feedback was a positive reflection of these handy little devices.

The guys were ecstatic about using the little fob

“I’ve used it all the time, and won’t lie I absolutely love it! The confused faces when you use it make my day!”

Although not completely recognised, bPay fobs are growing in demand; you certainly seem to receive some ominous looks when using the payment fob.

“I love the weird looks people give you, it’s brilliant!”

one of the team used the fob for her daily necessities, which proved to be convenient as the partnered influence of the Payment Powerbank and the mobile application allows you to handle to money you spend on various transactions:

“I will be using it as my ‘petrol’ money fob, just so I always know I have money sat there! It is a brilliant little device.”

Size is always a big factor when using certain devices, the bPay fob proved to comply with this.

“Yeah I’ve used mine, it’s small, and so it has wriggled onto my keys!”

The size is friendly, rigid and is a great alternative if you forget to pick up your wallet or bank card. The elegant and unique design gets priceless reactions and is terrific for anyone and looks stylish too. Our team members were extremely happy with the bPay fobs, the usability of the device is perfect for roaming around and fantastic for charging devices. They are a great addition for any suburbanite in their day to day travels.

A large print area available with a full colour print means this brand new product is perfect for campaigns where impact, creativity and innovation are priority. Combine that with the credibility of the backing by Barclays and the longevity of the lifetime use of this little promotional gadget and your next marketing exercise will be a guaranteed hit.

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