The Business Excellence Award and why you should care

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The Essex Business Excellence Awards

This year we have made it into the finals for the “Customer Care & Service” award. At this point I would like to mention that our MD Jamie Marshall is one of three finalists for the “Outstanding business person” award – However for this short blog, we are going to side step that one, his head is big enough already and his nomination, whilst inspirational, is not as relevant to you.

So why should you care?

Firstly did you know that last time we entered the “Customer Care & Service” award – we won? You didn’t know? Why would you? The reason why we haven’t entered for a while, is we are just too busy making our customers happy!

How does it work?

The Essex Chronicle came to our offices, spent some time with us and asked us some questions:

1.Describe the key points of your customer care policy

2.What process do you have in place to train and monitor your team to ensure continual improvement in customer care?

3.What is it that you do to exceed customer expectations and how does this involve the customers themselves?

4.In order to improve customer care describe how you deal with complaints and difficult customer situations

We were also asked to list some “Success stories” – examples of outstanding customer service.

customer bliss

The crux is as follows…

We feel that “Customer Satisfaction” is a basic requirement, a bit like eating your  “5 a day”. We never want to hit baseline. We are always pushing for “Customer Bliss”. “Customer Bliss” is a place where the customer can relax in the knowledge that we are going to deliver. It’s more than that, “Bliss” is a place where there are no concerns, there is no need to understand the how and the what. There is no need to give it any thought – We will uphold our side of the agreement, we will go further than that, we will be looking out for our customer, as if their business was our own. There will be discussions behind the scenes as to how we can deliver beyond expectations and play our part in helping them succeed.

In all aspects of our business, from the relationships we forge, the quality of our product and the lengths we go to help our customers succeed – Satisfaction is far from our aspirations, Bliss is where we live.

The awards evening is to be held at Hylands House on Friday September 25th commencing at 6.30pm – Wish us luck!

Give us a call today to talk to one of our expert sales team and find out more!

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