The Cup Stops Here

Each year, 100 billion single use coffee cups end up in landfill. It’s worrying fact, but we can all begin to do something about it.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. All buzzwords in today’s world that are used a lot but often overlooked where it really counts. The Ecoffee cup is here to change that. Whether it be for an internal campaign to reduce the use of disposable cups in the office, or a meaningful gift to customers to reinforce your commitment to doing good whilst still looking good, the Ecoffee cup is a brand new solution available right now.

Created as an alternative to single-use cups; it is a new breed of reusable travel cup, with the world’s most efficient crop, naturally organic bamboo fibre; it is the one of the most sustainable and environmentally responsible takeaway cups on the market today.

Ecoffee cup isn’t just flawless innovation, it’s also a part of the #stopthe100billion movement. Each time you use your Ecoffee cup you’re drinking from a natural product, and a product that when you’re completely finished with can be crushed down and buried with organic compost in the garden. You can get involved with #stopthe100billion by using the hashtag when posting pictures which include the cup on the various social channels, or you could make a nice video. Go on, get involved!

12 Reasons to use an ecoffee cup:

  • Helps cut daily consumer waste.
  • Reusable indefinitely if looked after.
  • Naturally organic bamboo fibre.
  • Rapidly renewable resource.
  • Biodegradable base material.
  • Naturally sterile: no taste residue.
  • Resealable ‘No-Drip’ lid.
  • Fully Dishwasher safe including the lid and sleeve.
  • Light, bright and lovely to use.
  • BPA & phthalate-free.
  • So many colours available you are bound to find one to compliment your own branding.
  • Excellent branding opportunities on the cup and the grip.


70% of the world’s paper comes from diminishing forests, not from plantations or recycling. Half a trillion disposable cups are manufactured annually around the world; that’s over 70 disposable cups for every person on the planet. It is estimated that within the next 100 years there won’t be any rainforests left. Help prevent this, Ecoffee cups are one of the answers.

Premier Print & Promotions Ltd offer a wide range of eco-friendly products. Making the decision to go for economical promotional merchandise offers some major advantages. Switching to eco-friendly branded items not only serves the purpose of a promotional product of increasing brand awareness, but also demonstrates the joint effort to save the planet and reduce waste in the future; not to mention the feeling you get when you know what you’re doing means something.


A huge range of sizes, colours and contemporary designs are just a few weapons in its armoury. Combine that with being made from sustainable bamboo, being biodegradable and BPA & phthalate-free this little cup is perfectly suited for waging war on single use plastic.


Ecoffee cup. Look Good. Do Good.


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