The Great British Promotional Show 2019



Wednesday 3rd July.

05:00hrs.      The sun is out. There is not a cloud to be seen. Months of preparation are about to come to a culmination. Today is the day. Premier’s inaugural Great British Promotional Show is about to drop. Alarm clocks ring out, members of the Premier family stumble out of bed, don their show swag and head off to the big city.

08:00hrs.      Team Premier and the country’s elite Promotional suppliers & manufacturers, coffee in hand, gather at The Crypt in Clerkenwell, to start preparing for the big day. Bunting is hung, beers are put on ice. Promotional products from around the country are polished, poised and presented.

10:00hrs.      Goody bags are stuffed, croissants are stuffed, table cloths are pressed and the exclusively British playlist is cranked up. The Clash’s “London Calling” rings out a very fitting start.



10.45hrs.       Team Premier huddle for a last minute briefing from the boss, arms are linked, spirits are high, eyes are bright. They’re ready.

10.59hrs.       The show organisers sit backstage, nails chewed to the cuticle, bellies full of butterflies. Word comes from the front desk that captures their attention… “There’s a queue”.


11:00hrs.      The doors open and visitors from far and wide flock in. Suppliers speak enthusiastically about their range, its credentials and its benefits to the environment.

13:00hrs.      The pick’n’mix is taking a bashing. Feet are beginning to ache. Voices getting hoarse. Premier hits its target footfall in 2hrs. Prosecco is flowing.

13.30hrs.       The lull begins. The team take the welcome opportunity to rehydrate and grab some canapes. Goody bags are restocked.


14:20hrs.      The boss bursts in looking slightly startled… All hands on deck. There’s a rush on.


15:10hrs.      The suppliers’ own voices are ringing in their ears having recited their pitch time after time. Despite that they look satisfied – Happy with the exciting and engaging conversations they’ve made with some world class brands.


16:00hrs.      It’s done. All expectations are smashed. A broad, slightly smug smile crosses the organisers face. The final few visitors snatch a couple of parting words with the experts and make their way up the stairs out of The Crypt.


16:01hrs.      Never have some many promotional products been thrown so quickly into boxes. The after show party is calling. The van doors bang shut. Brows are mopped. The floor is mopped. The Crypt is closed until next year.


23:00hrs.      Having maintained the British theme throughout, the last few standing part company at the Brewdog bar. The Premier WhatsApp group lights up with messages of pride, teamwork and a “who did the most steps” competition.


Thank you to all our visitors, you made it an overwhelming success, smashing all our expectations.


This show would not have been possible without the incredible contribution by our suppliers who attended. We are truly grateful to all of you.


And finally our fantastic Premier team. Every single one of you gave 100% and We’re so proud of you all. Thanks for the early morning, your unfailing enthusiasm, the sore feet, the hoarse voices and the bleary eyes the morning after.


Watch out 2020, the #GBPS is coming for you.


Visitor Feedback:


“Fabulous event, far exceeded my expectations and superb to have so many ethical SME’s all in one place all at the same time! You have created the ultimate cluster!”


“Wow. What a great show and fabulous venue. I took away so many new ideas, it was a pleasure to meet you and talk to your experts. Looking forward to next year!”


“The PP team were very friendly. My colleague and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit. we are very excited about our merchandise that is currently on it’s way.”


Exhibitor Feedback:


“Well what can I say…..  you totally all smashed it. What an incredible show from start to finish. I know it doesn’t just happen and the amount of time and effort you put in has paid off. From our side I would like to say a thank you to ALL the team,  they kept us fed and watered and were all so engaging. I am sure we all will see the positive results from an amazing day.”


“It was a fantastic day, best end user show I’ve done… and I’ve been doing this for 15 years. You guys were so organised, attentive, always around helping”


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