The new GumBite Collection…

In a world where being connected digitally “24/7” is so important the new GumBite collection makes this possible while not getting in a tangle. Every device has a different wire, needs charging at a different time and with these great little products they make all this practical. Whether they are branded to be used in your office, at home or while you are travelling you can produce a unique range of ergonomic products to suit you.

There are six products within the range…all can be found in the presentation at the end of this blog but here are a few of my favourites.

The GumBite Dolli is the must have for any smartphone user it sercurely mounts your phone to different surfaces for example your desk or car windscreen. As it has a rotating ball-joint which can be seperated it can also be used as a phone stand. As it is branded with a decal that can be printed in full colour your logo will stand out.

The GumBite Styli is a chunky, quirky and colourful alternative stylus option. It gives you control on your touchscreen phones and tablets. Branded with your logo for everyone to see whenever it is used.

Got so many wires that when you travel you end up with a tangled mess? Well the GumBite Snappi manages your cable problems in a simple way. Meaning your cables are organised using these quirky silicon wire grips that come in pairs and bright colours. Again these have a decal which can be printed with your logo in full colour. I have to say these would be so handy!

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