The Promotional CV That Looks Like A Pizza

When it comes to promotional gifts, it takes something really special to impress The Premier Team. But how could we possibly fail to fall in love with this quirky promotional CV that looks like a pizza. After all, we never turn down the chance to have pizza for lunch at the office.

Resembling a takeaway pizza, the CV has been created by Zvina Luke. A visual communication design student, she is currently looking for an internship in Brisbane, Australia.

The creativity and effort of this project certainly makes Zvina’s resume stand out from the crowd – and isn’t that the ultimate aim of everyone’s CV? Plus, a promotional gift will always make a favourable impact on the recipient. It’s much better than simply sending an email or filling out a job application form, especially when applying to be an intern in a creative industry.

Zvina’s handcrafted creation includes Adobe software logos made out of felt as toppings, and a real pizza box ‘borrowed’ from the local Eagle Boys fast food outlet. The printed receipt has a rundown of Zvina’s design skills, along with her contact details.

Interestingly, this printout also states that the cashier was none other than Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling. Perhaps he was taking a gig at this fictional pizza parlour before working on the new Blade Runner sequel? Or Zvina’s just a big fan of Mr Gosling!

Pizza Promotional CV

“I was nowhere near professional in sewing, but I was persistent in making it the best shape I could,” explains Zvina Luke on her website. “Solving problems along the way is fun, like putting a puzzle together. I never thought this project would be so rewarding.”

Here’s a quick Vimeo video showing how Zvina’s pizza CV was put together –

Zvina Luke's CV pizza box

Zvina Luke's CV pizza toppings

Zvina Luke's CV pizza receiptImages Credit: Zvina Luke

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