The World’s Smartest Umbrella

A group of former Samsung engineers in South Korea have made a smart umbrella that will tell you when it’s going to rain before you leave your home or office.

Using the nondescript name of Opus One rather than something more techy like the iBrolly, this latest Internet of Things (IoT) device connects to your Android or Apple smartphone via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Brolly

A companion app for your phone automatically sends weather forecast data to the umbrella, so that it can warn you of any impending rain, sleet or snow. This is effortlessly done via a coloured LED light on the brolly’s handle. Which, incidentally, looks like a moustached gentleman wearing a bowler hat.

Other neat features of the Opus One include the ability to find your mobile phone by simply shaking the umbrella to make the phone trigger an alarm sound. Conversely, your phone will instantly pop up an alert if you have left the brolly behind somewhere. When in use, the Opus One will also notify you of an incoming phone call by vibrating its handle.

Opus One umbrella and phone app

Opus One umbrella with Bluetooth technology

Smart umbrella available in many colours

Smart Umbrella

Here’s the official product promo video from the Opus One creators:

Unfortunately, Opus One is currently only available for sale in South Korea and Japan for around £70. It comes in a choice of beige, black, green, grey, navy blue, orange or red.

The Premier Team are looking forward to the advanced features of the Opus One smart umbrella being added to promotional umbrellas in the near future.

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