Why Top Marketing People Love Promotional Products

Our American friends over at the Promotional Product Association International (PPAI) have produced this informative video revealing some of the reasons why top marketers and advertisers love promotional products.

15 Reasons Why YOU Should Love Promotional Products Too

  • Promotional products deliver a higher rate of brand recall, recognition, referrals and return on investment (ROI) than other media.
  • Consumers love promotional products for their ability to touch their lives and hearts in useful, fun and meaningful ways.
  • 91% of consumers keep promotional products, such as mugs and bottles, in their kitchens.
  • 88% of recipients recall the advertiser.
  • 85% of recipients did business with the advertiser.
  • 83% of consumers like receiving promotional products.
  • 80% of consumers own at least one promotional product.
  • 74% of leading marketing and advertising people say promotional products contributed to a campaign’s success.
  • 66% of recipients have recognition of your brand.
  • 59% of recipients have a more favourable view of your brand.
  • 53% of consumers use promotional products weekly.
  • 47% of consumers keep promotional products for a year or more.
  • Promotional products can touch consumers on a personal level – both intellectually and emotionally.
  • Promotional products build communities with a shared sense of loyalty and love for your brand.
  • Promotional products are the fastest growing advertising media.

Promotional products build brand loyalty and love


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