Trump vs Clinton: Battle Of The Promotional Merchandise

Promotional merchandise has been a key element of any political campaign since British trade unions first used banners in the early 19th century. Nowadays, before they even get anywhere near a polling booth, the general public can show their support for a favoured candidate by voting with their credit cards. That’s because today’s political landscape is populated by online stores, selling everything from cupcakes to picnic blankets, to endorse a campaign, party or individual politician.

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton

So what happens when two equally divisive presidential hopefuls go head-to-head with their promotional merchandise?

Trump vs Clinton promotional merchandise montage

Promotional T-Shirts

Trump's promotional T-shirt

Trump’s Grey Trump T-shirt

Clinton's promotional T-shirt

Clinton’s Marc Jacobs Tee

Clinton’s merchandising team have secured some big names from the world of fashion. The likes of Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch have designed a hip, limited edition of promotional Clinton ‘Tees’ with unisex sizing. Trump has a dull, grey T-shirt sporting his “Make America Great Again!” slogan.

Promotional Caps

Trump's promotional cap

Trump’s Make America Great Again cap

Clinton's promotional cap

Clinton’s H is for Hat cap

Interesting to see how the Trump camp are using camouflage in their promotional cap design. Perhaps an appeal to America’s armed forces, National Rifle Association and other gun supporters?

Promotional Mugs

Trump's promotional mug

Trump’s presidential 15oz mug

Clinton's promotional mug

Clinton’s 11oz signature mug

Like the famous signature logos of Walt Disney and Paul Smith, Clinton’s coffee mug is sporting a more personal, handwritten style logo. Interesting how this contrasts with her prickly reputation. Possibly this is a move to make the Hillary Rodham Clinton brand a little more personable and friendly to undecided voters. Once again, Trump leads with his “Make America Great Again!” slogan.

Promotional Badges

Trump's promotional badge

Trump’s photo campaign badge

Clinton's promotional badges

Clinton’s collector’s set of badges

This badge is one of the few items of promotional merchandise to feature a photograph of Trump on them. Meanwhile, Clinton fans can go on a historic journey with Hillary in a 7-badge collector’s set.

Promotional Keyrings

Clinton's promotional keyring

Clinton’s ‘16’ keyring

Keyrings are a classic merchandising and promotional product, yet we couldn’t find any available for sale on Trump’s online store. Clinton’s colourful keyring has a clever ‘Hil16ry’ logo. This is also being used as a hashtag (#hil16ry) on social media channels like Twitter and Instagram.

Promotional Tote Bags

Clinton's promotional tote bag

Clinton’s fun-damental rights tote bag

Promo tote bag with Hillary signature logo

Clinton’s signature tote bag

Once again, Clinton is ahead of her political rival in the promotions game with a choice of two, trendy-looking tote bag designs.

And the Promotional Merchandise winner is….

Clinton’s larger range of products, further enhanced by an emphasis on attractive design and style, puts Trump’s collection of promotional merchandise to shame. Who’s supposed to be the business expert here! Only time will tell if Hillary can beat Donald in the big battle for the presidential hotseat this November too.

If you ever require promotional gifts or merchandise for your own local or national political campaign, then our friendly team of promo experts are here to help.

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