UK Made Promotional Umbrellas

Why should I choose a promotional custom-made umbrella, as opposed to other promotional merchandise items? Well seeing as though it rains approx. 147 days a year in the UK, we see this as a great place to start our argument of Umbrella’s being one of the best ways for businesses or brands to market and advertise.

Brand Visibility
Imagine the scenario, you nip out into the high street at lunch for 10 minutes and to no surprise, even though it’s summer, it starts to rain! So, you take your branded umbrella out with you and in just those ten minutes walking down the high street how many people have now seen your logo/custom design that is printed on the panels? Even the subtlest logo printed on the panel of a traditional golf umbrella is approximately 20cm square, I think you get our point, in just one ten-minute usage the number of people could well be up to 100 or even more.



A custom umbrella, offers a number of things to a company than just keeping your clients / employees or any other visitor to your premises dry, a promotional umbrella can be used for much more.

Tell me of another promotional item that can be carried around as easy as an umbrella with the same size print area that an umbrella can offer? In short there isn’t one. With a high percentage of umbrellas being UK made, this allows for larger print areas than a standard screen print. All over dye sublimation, pantone matching to your own specific colour can also be achieved on short lead times of only 1-2 weeks (or even quicker if required).

As well as city use, a number of other reasons to use a promotional umbrella would be as follows;

  • Mass outreach at a low cost
  • Increased brand recognition
  • Alternative business card
  • Powerful marketing platform



Tactile with long lifespan

We also see an umbrella as a promotional item that can stand the test of time, yes there are Budget umbrellas that do exactly what it says on the tin and can be used for one off events but, as is the same with anything in life you get what you pay for and if you want to get your brand out there we would always recommend an umbrella with storm proof ribs.

These umbrellas have specially designed ribs that when blown inside out, can be brought back into shape without breaking thus meaning that a longer life span is achieved and your name can be branded out and about for years to come

In conclusion, there are a lot of great promotional items out there but for us a promotional umbrella is second to none and if its huge Brand exposure and long-lasting merchandise you are looking for, a promotional umbrella is the item for you.

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