The World’s Most Unusual Business Cards

First impressions count. So having an eye-catching business card is an essential communications tool for everyone, whether you are a temporary intern or the company’s CEO. The unusual business cards featured here in our blog show that, with a sprinkling of creativity and imagination, it’s still possible to make your calling card stand out from the norm.

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Balloon Business Cards

Many of the most effective business cards instantly reflect what the person or organisation actually does. These balloons created by ad agency Ogilvy & Mather, for example, ingeniously promote an Asthma Allergy Centre in Mumbai. If you have trouble inflating this balloon business card with your own lung power, you probably do need to see the doctor.

Balloon business cards

Image Credit: Ads of the World

Bottle Opener Business Cards

AmBev, Latin America’s largest brewery company, commissioned Sao Paulo ad agency AlmapBBDO to create this clever promotion prior to Brazil’s World Cup football tournament. “We literally combined business with pleasure by creating a business card that doubles as a bottle opener,” said Joao Castro Neves, zone president of AmBev. “Not only is it handy, but it also bears a direct relation to the product we’re selling – beer. So we have a card that is at the same time useful, remarkable and totally different from the others.”

Bottle opener business card

Image Credit: AlmapBBDO

Coca Leaf Business Cards

The topic of cocaine is something of a cliche when describing certain South America countries. But these promotional business cards for a Peruvian backpackers hostel are actually made out of coca leaves! They can even be chewed to give the recipient a buzz to counter the effects of altitude sickness in the hostel’s mountainous region of Cuzco, Peru.


Coca leaf business card

Image Credit: Lanfranco Cordova

Fridge Magnet Business Cards

You wouldn’t expect me to talk about business cards without mentioning my own. Rather than a traditional matt laminated card, my contact details have been printed on a fridge magnet. It’s an effortless ice-breaker at the start of a meeting. Recipient’s usually comment on the novelty of my business card. Then they try sticking it to any metal object that’s nearby to see if it actually works. Better still, these fridge magnet business cards can be cut into any shape required and cost less than 10p each.

Premier fridge magnet business cards

Image Credit: Premier Print & Promotions

iPhone Business Cards

A hardware engineer working for Apple had this badass business card created using the screen from an iPhone. However, there is a downside to such awesomeness. The toughened Gorilla Glass is designed to resist scratches from the every day use of a mobile phone. It’s therefore a lengthy and expensive process to get the laser etching on the business card to look good without shattering the screen.

iPhone business card

Image Credit: Cult of Mac

Meat Business Cards

Not sure how a vegan would react to being handed a meat card, but there’s no doubting the uniqueness of these American-made business cards. Your design is laser etched onto cards made of beef jerky. What’s next? A promo pen with tomato ketchup or sweet chilli dip instead of ink?

Meat business card

Image Credit: Meatcards

Pheromone Business Cards

The world’s first pheromone-infused business cards were produced by a Toronto advertising agency for their direct marketing campaign on behalf of the Lynx male grooming brand. Best known for tongue-in-cheek and sometimes controversial TV advertising, Lynx (going under the name of Axe over in America and Canada) have consistently suggested that their fragrances can help men become instantly attractive to women. This so-called ‘Lynx Effect’ came a step closer to reality when business cards for some male staff at Axe were infused with their own sweat following a workout at the gym. The company never revealed if the cards actually ignited any romantic flames around the office. But if the process really worked, would you turn your nose up to stationery like this?

Pheromone business card

Image/Video Credit: Touchpoint Films on Vimeo

Plastic Business Cards

Martyna Wedzicka, a graphic designer based in Poland, created these transparent plastic cards as a personal branding project. Each one has been customised with a unique, hand-drawn doodle by Martyna using a black marker pen. Once this exclusive artwork has been created, a sticker with Martyna‘s contact details is then added to complete the business card. It’s a very simple, yet highly effective concept. The designer was subsequently commissioned by the kids fashion brand Ballady & Pajonki to produce their own plastic business card.

Plastic business cards

Image Credit: Martyna Wedzicka

Tetris Business Cards

Bateske Arduboy, designed by American technical wizard Kevin Bates, is a multi-functional digital business card that can display your CV, business proposals, adverts and even play a game of Tetris. Trouble is, would you want to give away something this cool to a stranger?

Tetris digital business card

Image/Video Credit: Bateske Design on YouTube

Yoga Mat Business Cards

Canadian creative agency Rethink produced this imaginative business card for Vancouver’s Flow yoga studio. This cute mini business card rolls up just like a real yoga mat. Wonder if they ever thought of doing a life-sized version too?

Yoga mat business cards

Image Credit: Rethink

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