Utilise marketing opportunities due to carrier bag charges being introduced

In an age when there are so many ways to market your company it can be difficult to choose the right avenue to take. Here is a way to market your business along with new laws:


New law

On the 4th June 2014 the Queen announced that as of next year a 5p charge for plastic carrier bags will be introduced. This will apply to all supermarkets and larger stores.

Everyone loves to save money don’t they? We predict to see a massive spike in purchases for reusable shopping bags  to avoid adding to the cost of their weekly shop in the supermarket.


How can you utilise this incredible marketing opportunity?

Brand our cotton shopper bags with your company logo!



– Fantastic gesture to your customers as you will be saving them money.

– Your logo on show to a massive amount of potential customers.

– Huge demand:  8 billion plastic carrier bags are given out by supermarkets in England a year.

Here at Premier we understand that this is an opportunity that cannot be missed so we have added a vast range of shopper bags including special offers.

Give us a call today to talk to one of our expert sales team and find out more!

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