Why Print Marketing Is Still Important for your Brand

In recent years marketing has been dominated by digital and social media platforms. The rumour is that print marketing has taken a back seat having previously ruled the marketing roost. Print marketing has been described as unimportant and dated. But that’s simply not true.

With innovative new technologies constantly evolving and changing, print marketing can be used to take businesses to the next level or to cement them as the very best in their field.

Here at Premier Print & Promotions, we’re huge advocates for print marketing. Take a look at why we think Print Marketing is still incredibly important:

1. Tangibility – In today’s marketing climate, so much of the work that is produced all over the country is virtual. From cute pet GIFs to talking meerkats in posh robes, very few projects contain any form of tangible work anymore.

But, emails, tweets and advertisement campaigns are all forgettable and replaceable. Physical print work however, has all important staying power.

It may have been months after an initial publication in a magazine or leaflet is produced, but it can still be picked up by potential consumers and used to influence them to purchase the service or product at any time. There’s no campaign expiry and no maximum spend, the potential for good print marketing is limitless.

2. Reliability – The Oxford word of the year for 2017 was actually a phrase. What was that phrase? Fake News. The majority of marketing is digitised, campaigns and ads can often appear on sites that may feature fake news or unreliable content. Although this doesn’t reflect the advert or campaign directly, it does add an element of uncertainty to the ad therefore reducing the credibility and reliability of the business on the whole. In the words of Fake News’ biggest promoter… SAD.

Evidence of people showing more faith in legitimate publications like newspapers and magazines compared to online sites is there to behold. 61% of customers trust adverts in newspapers compared to just 42% who trust online adverts according to Johnston Press. Read more here.

Advertising in a traditional and trusted printed format means that a product or service is immediately trusted and respected amongst potential consumers and is likely to result in a higher conversion rate.

3. Establish your brand – The aesthetic and artistic elements that go into producing print marketing allows a brand to establish what it stands for in the most obvious way.

From the way the piece of work looks with font, colours and graphics to the way it feels, the shape and the material. It results in a brand becoming almost immediately recognisable.

Bentley established their brand through print media perfectly. The luxury car manufacturers make sure that the printed content that they produce reflects their sleek, classy and luxurious image. Regardless of the motoring magazine that Bentley appears in, it is easy to pick a Bentley advertisement out from the crowd.

4. Real engagement – There is an enormous amount of competition on social and digital platforms. Trying to grasp a potential consumer’s attention can prove an incredibly challenging task, but print marketing can eliminate the competition.

By using certain types of print marketing, such as flyers or posters you simply need a potential consumer to pick up the ad to get their attention. Once an individual has physically picked your ad up, it has their full attention as there are no distractions or competitor ads on the same page like with digital advertising.

Online ads always run the risk of being lost in the crowd amongst all of the other advertisements that are available in the same place at the same time. With print marketing, you can advertise your product or service in a physical format where potential customers are able to take their time to consume the information provided away from the chaotic online world.

5. Personal – Print marketing allows you to physically give potential consumers a body of work that you have produced.

It feels more personal and direct rather than an advert on a website or on social media. The added synthetic personalisation is likely to result in a higher conversion rate with Small Business Trends declaring that 85% of consumers agree that a high quality print services reflects high quality customer service. Read more here

6. Competitive Edge – It’s no secret that print marketing is no longer used by the masses, and this presents an opportunity. By combining successful digital and social media marketing with the ability to produce strong print media, it’s likely to give a business the edge on competitors that are solely producing their marketing in a digital format.

The rapid rise in brand new technologies and a demand for constant improvement has saturated the marketing industry. But print marketing has never been more important than it is today. According to All Business, 56% of all consumers trust print marketing more than any other advertising method. Read more here

The opportunity to make a business or organisation feel personal, thoughtful and in touch with their target demographic is something that print marketing provides that cannot be replicated as easily through a screen. According to Johnston Press, People are 70% more likely to remember businesses seen in print compared to online, this is why we believe that print will always have a solidified place in the marketing industry. Read more here

Check out some of the promotional print material we can offer you below:

A4 Leaflets & Flyers

A4 Leaflets and Flyers, measuring 210mm x 297mm, give you extra advertising space to promote your product, service or event. Print to one or both sides, using your choice of paper thickness and print finishing effects. We can also fold and cut your A4 flyers and leaflets to your specific requirements – instantly creating takeaway style menus, mini brochures or unique, bespoke shapes. Contact the Premier team today for more details and a free quote.

From £40

A5 Leaflets & Flyers

A5 Leaflets and Flyers, measuring 148mm x 210mm, are an ideal size for everything from direct mail and magazine inserts to letterbox drops and handouts at events. We can print any type of A5 leaflet or A5 flyer to your exact specification. All at the best prices possible. Not sure exactly what you need? Call us on 01376 574670 now. We are always happy to help you.

From £37

A6 Leaflets & Flyers

Superior quality A6 Leaflets and Flyers, measuring 105mm x 148mm, printed using the paper stock and print finishes of your choice. We also provide flyer and leaflet printing in all other sizes, from small DL to large A3 (sizes A6, A5, A4 and A3 are shown here for comparison). Contact our sales team now for more details.

From £33

Business Cards

Even in today’s social media age, business cards are still a great way to introduce yourself and make a great first impression. From the initial selection of card type and thickness, to finishing touches like adding lamination or cutting your cards into a special shape, the Premier team of print experts will help you choose the right business card for your needs and budget. Contact us today and ask for a free quote.

From £35

Compliment Slips

There’s no better way to say Thank You to a client or colleague than a personal gift with a handwritten Compliment Slip. We can help you choose the paper, print finish and design style of compliment slip that will perfectly suit your brand. Contact us today for a free quote.

From £39


Branded Letterheads show your organisation is professional and cares about every little detail, giving the right impression at every stage of your relationship with clients, suppliers and other important contacts. Premier can design and print your letterheads to any specification. Call us now to discuss your letterhead printing requirements and request a free quote.

From £44

If you’re looking for print material that leaves an impact and makes your company look professional, get in contact with our specialist sales team today!


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