WIN a Kilo of Galaxy!

Here at Premier we won’t just be eating chocolate during Easter, we will be eating it all month and you can too!

Do you want to win a kilo of Galaxy Chocolate? (come on who doesn’t?)

All you need to do is tweet us @premierpp with #PremierRelax and a funny picture of you, or you and your colleagues/friends eating, saving or sharing your little treat from us –but if you don’t want to share, we understand..

Make sure you enter before 8th May 2015. Entries after this date will be seen and enjoyed by Premier, but unfortunately not counted!

 So, how does the winning work?

It’s pretty simple… We will choose our favourite and award the winner a kilo of chocolate on 11th May 2015!

To be munching your way through a kilo of Galaxy click here now.

Take a look at some of our team enjoying their Galaxy!


galaxy 2

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