Wireless charging is here…

New Technology and so called “game changing” products don’t come along all that often for our industy. Looking back over the years we have seen many gadgets come and go and last for different time periods, eg mouse mats, modem cables, memory sticks, portable digital photo frames and more recently portable power banks and charging cables. These usually see their launch as a result of a big developments / changes in consumer behaviour or large companies such as Apple / Microsoft / Google launching ground breaking products such as iPod / iPhone / iPad and of course the Internet !

A new product boom is just around the corner and one we need to watch and take quick action if we want to profit from its mass adoption. Apple finally announced its new phones in Sept – iPhone 8 and X and confirmed they had made the changes to make these phone able to be charged wirelesslly using the global Qi standard.

Wireless charging via the Qi global standard is the transfer of electricity / power through electromagnetic induction fields making charging cables, plugs and adapters obsolete. The only thing you need, is a Qi charging station (transmittor) and a phone with wireless charging capabilities (receiver). As soon as your battery runs out of power, you place the device on the station and your phone immediately starts charging. Smart, simple, fast!

Wireless charging offers many benefits to the consumer and reseach has shown that up to 76% are eagerly awaiting it. Until now our market has struggled with this technlogy as without Apple entering this area offering wireless chargers / power banks to prospective clients was tricky as marketeers could not know whether their premium gift would be compatible with their client’s / prospect’s phones when they walked into their exhibition stand / seminar etc. This has all changed and now from late 2017 / early 2018 many new adopters / buisness targets will have their bright shiny new phones and with most other manufacturers including wireless charging this is a now a very exciting tech area for those marketeers who want to be at the cutting edge of technology.

Wireless charging (Qi standard) is widely avaiable and growing rapidly with major automotive brands (Kia, BMW, Ford, etc) including it into their cars, coffee shops (Starbucks, Costa), fast food outlets (McDonalds have over 500 wireless charing points in outlets in Europe) and even furniture from brands such as Ikea now offering wireless charging.

Now is the time to embrace the new technology, read around the subject, order your branded wireless charging products! Contact us today to talk through the options and find out more, call on 01376 574 670 or email sales@premierpandp.com

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